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The truth about gift cards, a cautionary tale

Generic gift cards for 2 of the big 3

With a gift card, much like with cash, you’ve given up your security.  Typically all sales are final or non-refundable.  In other words, protect your gift cards much the same way you protect cash.

There should be no tax on any gift card purchase. However, be wary of generic gift cards from the big 3 since they’ll charge a nasty little fee to activate.  We call that “not nice”.

The method here is simple:  Whether you’re buying branded gift cards to reach your sign-up bonus, or say, you’re squeezing the most from a high-percentage return… these are your everyday purchases… you’re merely redirecting how you acquire those purchases in order to maximize your cash back.  Make sense?

Yes, it is possible to stock up on branded gift cards at the grocery store while getting anywhere from 3 to 5 to even 6% cash back!  Just be mindful of the spending cap!

Do you have a gift card success story?  We’d love to hear from you!

The truth about gift cards, a cautionary tale