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Dear everyday spender:

Do you remember the previous post where I asked you to project any large purchases in the near future?

The important thing to remember is: ask yourself what you can afford. Sometimes, especially with the more-advanced cards, the criteria for the bonuses can be very challenging to reach.  Do not over-extend yourself.  When the introductory bonus will show up is not certain, and it cannot be used toward the minimum payment. Hint: Depending on the type of card, the introductory bonus can be applied as a statement credit, or turn up as cash back or points.

Many everyday spenders can achieve modest spending of $500, or even $1000, within a the common term, which is 3 months or 90 days.

Yes, this is where your homework comes in…

The best advice: plan for it!  When you open that new card, have an idea of your projected expenses for the predictable term.

Hint: Automatic payments and gift cards have been known to be useful in reaching the bonus.  Read more here.


Reaching the sign-up bonus, and the basic advice to get there!