Here are four ways that you can make extra money from marketing.  There are numerous ways to make extra money from marketing, but this is four ways that won’t cost you anything, and I think everyone loves free stuff.

First for those of you that might not know what affiliate marketing is; here is a basic, rough example.  A rough idea of affiliate marketing that we probably all know about and can relate to, especially if we went to public schools or have kids in public schools, is fund raisers. You go out and sell other people’s products like candy bars and other products like that.  The goal,  to make money from marketing these products for whatever the school activity might be.  Now this is a very rough example, but I think it helps you to understand the basic idea of affiliate marketing.  Your goal: to make money selling other people’s products.  Yes it can be a pain selling products like this, but think how much harder it would be if you had to make a product to sell first, before you could sell for these fundraisers.  Fundraisers are proof that you can make money from marketing other peoples products, otherwise know as affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is the best way I know to make extra money from marketing.

The reason affiliate marketing is the best for beginners is because you do not have to have your own product to sell.  From my experience the hardest part is coming up with a product to sell.  Once you decide what product you are going to market, the next step is to figure out what method you are going to use to promote it.  That’s where these four ways come in:

  • The first way is using blogs to make extra money from marketing selling affiliate products.  With the popularity of blogs increasing everyday it is an easy way to get started.  You can actually set up blogs for free on you can’t get much cheaper than that.
  • You can also use to promote your affiliate products.  You network with friends, make new friends that share your interests, or even buy advertising on Myspace; all of which allow you to make extra money from marketing to them.  There are numerous possibilities with just this one resource.
  • is another excellent choice to use to make extra money from marketing.  When using Squidoo you basically make a mini-website centered around your affiliate product.  Making extra money from marketing gets easier if you are advertising your affiliate products for free.
  • is another free way to make extra money from marketing.  If you have a large list of followers, every time you tweet you can be adding to your list of possible customers.

he more places you find to promote, the more extra money from marketing that can be made.  Now I didn’t go into great detail on each way, but they all deserve their own book to explain the hows and whys.  I just wanted to let you know four ways to make extra money from marketing affiliate products.

Four Free Ways to Make Extra Money From Marketing Affiliate Products

Four Free Ways to Make Extra Money From Marketing Affiliate Products