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Are you in the market for a rebate credit card? We all need to purchase certain goods and services in order to survive. With that in mind, I think it's a great idea that we do it as wisely as possible. What I mean by that is to do it in a way that is most beneficial to us.

Rebates can come in many forms but primarily when we think of a rebate we think of cold hard cash. Cash rebate credit cards are in fact the most popular type of card on the market today. And it's no wonder, with the poor economy and high unemployment rate, many American consumers are struggling to stretch every dollar they have as far as they possibly can.

Cash rebates, depending upon which specific rewards program you are enrolled in, range anywhere from a half percentage point to 5% and sometimes go even higher. They are commonly given for everyday products including groceries, gas and items purchased at drugstores.

Some people make saving money and art form. For the extremely frugal just think about not only planning your shopping visits when the items you plan to purchase are on sale, but also using any cash back credit card when purchasing it. The savings are compounded and after a while they really do add up and make a difference.

Of course it is very important that the consumer finds the right card to suit their needs. Just about every major bank and financial institution offers a cash rebate credit card, but the terms of these programs can differ a great deal.

Oftentimes the issuing financial institution will partner with a specific retailer and offer an exclusive program through them. Examples of this would be the BP Chase card and the Costco card offered through American Express.

Other cards such as the Discover More card are more generalized and do not specifically require the consumer to make their purchases from any one particular retailer. They in fact, partner with hundreds of different retailers which makes it quite easy for the consumer to shop just about anywhere they want and still realize savings.

As always, be sure that you carefully read the features and benefits of any offer that you are interested in. You must also familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions before you apply. Having a rebate credit card is a great way to save money but you must know exactly what the offer entails.

Rebate Credit Card – Why It's a Good Idea to Reward Yourself

Rebate Credit Card - Why It's a Good Idea to Reward Yourself