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Alternatively, the AMEX free Air New Zealand credit card is a free-fee card offering $1 Airpoints per $100 spent. You will need to operate an Airpoints account however, and fly Air New Zealand annually to avoid an annual $30 fee.

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Dollar Value and Fees of Rewards Credit Cards: To take advantage of reward credit card deals, you need to take into account the dollar value of the reward points you receive per $100 spent. A reward point from one credit card might be worth 1 cent and from another credit card worth $1.

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Credit Card Rewards Comparison - August, 2018. Air New Zealand Airpoints Low Fee Mastercard Earn 1 Airpoints Dollarâ„¢ for every: $160 spent on eligible purchases, or $140 spent on products bought directly from Air New Zealand 16.90% 1.99% p.a. for the first 6 months on any transferred balance...

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Some credit cards are tied directly to a specific airline rewards scheme, such as American Express Airpoints Platinum Card or ANZ Visa Platinum Card. Others allow you to transfer credit card reward points to partner Airpoints programmes, such as the American Express Platinum Card.

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Choose a card that suits your spending level. Choose a rewards credit card that matches the amount of money you spend on credit every year. We rate rewards cards according to four different yearly spending categories: $12,000, $24,000, $60,000 and $120,000.