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The idea of ​​getting cash back from daily purchases of gas and groceries is a fairly new concept. Although there are rewards credit and debit cards available, saving money shopping with the cash back living program takes on a different flavor not before experienced.

We already understand how credit and debit rewards cards work. For example, you might have a credit card that gives you 1% money back and once the account has accumulated to a large enough amount, you go ahead and buy something from that specific store.

Most programs work on the same premise that if you spend, you get a certain percentage of money back that will allow you to buy something else, sometime down the road, from that merchant.

That's all very well, but what about getting money back from buying gas and groceries that actually returns you $ 390 for every cash back dollar saved?

Such a program does exist and merchants are lining up to participate in it because they realize the importance of have a loyal customer base.

It works this way. Shopping is a social thing we have to do every week if we want to eat or go somewhere by automobile. We tend to go where we will save money. Now what if you could save money because the merchant pays you for shopping there?

This creates loyal customers who come back time after time because they know the merchant will pay them to shop there.

But unlike other rewards programs, this one actually helps you build a shopping community of loyal shoppers from whom you earn a percentage of their purchases and that of those they have recommended. No other program does that.

So how does one dollar end up being $ 390? Simple. As your cash back accumulates and reaches $ 75 from regular shopping, an accounting unit is created and booked into an accounting program that can pay you over time, commissions and bonuses that are actually greater than $ 390 if you consider the bonuses gained along the way.

You can accelerate the building of your shopping community by choosing to be more than just a shopper and become a business builder who gives a free cash back card to friends, family and even merchants.

As your shopping community grows, the $ 75 units generated by each of your shoppers enter the accounting system and push your units along through the accounting program which pays you commissions and bonuses in amounts that can be quite satisfying.

Building a shopping community that will create a lifeline of members from whom you earn a percentage of all of their shopping as well as the members recommended by your personal members should be the goal of every business builder in the cash back program.

However, becoming a member is by recommendation only as you will need to understand this totally new concept of getting money back from regular purchases of gas and groceries.

Save Money Shopping With the Cashback Living Program

Save Money Shopping With the Cashback Living Program