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If you are a person who needs to travel often for business or personal reasons, you would probably benefit from using a credit card with frequent flyer benefits. Many airlines are currently offering their own credit cards to help travelers earn money towards travel tickets. Additionally, major credit card companies often have rewards programs in the form of "frequent flyer miles", or discounts on flight packages, and sometimes even a buy one, get one offer for flight tickets.

Chase Visa offers a frequent flyer mile credit card called "The Value Miles (TM) Platinum Visa® Card. You can select your own travel dates and fly anywhere within the United States, to the Caribbean, Europe, Asia, Mexico or South America. Whenever you use this credit card to make a purchase, you earn a "value mile" for every dollar you spend. When you have accumulated 24,000 miles, you earn an airline ticket good for a flight anywhere within the continental United States. You'll also love the fact that there are never any "blackout dates", meaning you can travel whenever you want to. Some frequent flyer credit card companies blackout the most popular travel dates (holidays, spring break, etc) so that you are not able to Use your flyer miles during peak travel periods. You also get to enjoy the typical benefits of a Platinum card- including travel insurance options, travel assistance and easy reporting of a lost card. There is no annual fee to carry this credit card, and an introductory offer of 0% on purchases.

CitiCards also offers a popular frequent flyer card, called the Citi PremierPass® Card Elite. With this frequent flyer card, you earn a "flightpoint" for every mile you are flying when you purchase your ticket using your Citi credit card. Additionally, if you buy a plane ticket for someone else, you can actually earn "flightpoints" for every mile that person travels as well! Like most rewards cards, you'll earn a point for spending. This card offers a purchase point for every other dollar spent on the card, and two points for every dollar spent at drugstores, supermarkets and gas stations. It would be beneficial for you to use this card as your daily spending card, paying the balance off at the end of each month, in order to build up your flyer miles. When you first open an account with CitiCard PremierPass® Card Elite, you will receive 15,000 bonus points when you make a purchase within the first sixty days of opening the account.

The Miles Card from Discover® provides new accounts with 5000 miles after the first purchase is made using the card. As with most cards, you earn one mile for every $ 1 purchased on the card, so to get the most benefits from the card you'll want to use your card for your every day purchases. Of course, with the Miles Card® you don't have to redeem your rewards by purchasing a flight. You can also select from cash back bonuses or gifts. There are no blackout dates with this credit card's frequent flyer miles, and you can choose any seat on any airline. Best of all, this card features a 0% introductory rate for the first year on both new purchases and balance transfers, so while you are earning points and miles, you can also pay off old balances interest free.

Many other credit cards offering frequent flyer miles exist. The largest flyer rewards program, and the first company to offer frequent flyer miles, was sponsored by American Airlines. They call the program Aadvantage. The miles that are accumulated using this program can be used to buy airline tickets, obtain discounted or free car rentals, hotel visits, and upgrade your service class for your flight.

Frequent Flyer Credit Cards

Frequent Flyer Credit Cards