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Need to make some money fast? Here are ten ways to make a quick buck!

1: Look for simple paid jobs online – companies need data entry clerks writing, website content, and sometimes emails and phone calls answering – all you need is PC and a net connection and you’re away.

2: Sell your junk on eBay or other online auction sites – you’ll be surprised what people buy, and what they pay!

3: Give blood – compensation for donors can be found easily, and it’s quick, simple and – relatively – painless!

4: Make a blog and sign up to affiliate programs – write about something interesting and off the wall, and the pay per clicks will roll in.

5: Sign up for medical testing – OK, you might end up ill, but it’ll be well paid.

6: Go busking – rekindle your musical talents and entertain the populace for pennies on the streets.

7: Offer tuition in something you’re good at – playing guitar, using a computer, whatever, someone will want to pay to learn.

8: Buy a cheap car, wash and clean it, paint over the rust and sell it on at twice the price!

9: Paint a picture, make a collage, create an installation, and promote yourself as an artist – you might make millions!

10: Write a ‘how to’ eBook and offer it for sale on the net – pick a subject that everyone will want, and watch the dollars pour in.

With a bit of adventure and innovation, making money can be easier than you might believe.

Ten Quickest Ways to Make Money

Ten Quickest Ways to Make Money