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If you don’t have the time to invest working on fixers or if you’re tired of working on fixers to make money investing in real estate, try this method.

Many real estate investors make thousands of dollars on brand new homes with little work. To test this money-making system in your area, call new development home sales offices that have most homes sold. Ask about their price for a 3 bedroom, 2 bath. Ask how much this model has gone up since they were first available. If this increase is a substantial amount, then this real estate investing system most likely works in your area.

One caution: your real estate market and employment in the area should be stable.

How to do the “new home” or “pre-construction” investing system:

1. Look for a new development with only a sales office trailer and pre-construction site.

2. Pick out the model you like and the lot you want. Get a corner lot inside the tract away from noisy streets. Avoid lots that could back up to a major street someday.

3. Secure the purchase of the home with a deposit.

4. After completion of home and purchase, the home should have appreciated.

5. Landscape using Design Psychology. Use colorful flowers that attract buyer’s eye to the front door. Provide a separate walkway to the front door so buyers don’t have to walk around parked cars.

6. Sell with Marketing Psychology. Stage the home with a few props like lamps, plants, and mirrors. Turn on all the lights.

7. Monitor your sales process and keep the sale on track. Be sure your buyer follows through with the steps needed to close on time.

8. Go to the bank and celebrate!

My friend made $50,000 on a $300,000 home with only $2,000 out of pocket. My son’s co-worker made $100,000 on an Orange County house, with $20,000 invested for only three months.

Have fun, and make money, without the scrunch work!

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Pre-Construction: How to Make Money in Real Estate Without Doing the Scrunch Work

Pre-Construction: How to Make Money in Real Estate Without Doing the Scrunch Work