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Metacafe is a great new site, very similar to YouTube it allows you to upload your videos but with a twist, that makes it even more amazing. Metacafe pay you. You heard correctly, they will pay depending on the popularity of your video or the number of views you get. To be precise they will pay you $5 for every 1000 views your video gets. If you are familiar with YouTube you will know that it is very easy to get 1000s of views. The most popular videos on YouTube and Metacafe have sometimes millions of views. That is a lot money.

Metacafe will pay you when your video reaches over 20,000 views. So once you pass that mark you automatically get $100 and then $5 for every 1000 views, as I mentioned before. There is also a rating system on Metacafe which will largely determine how many views you get because if you have a very good rating your video will appear on the homepage, which is very high traffic. Once this happens you can be sure to reach the 20,000 mark.

Similar to YouTube they allow you to embed the video on another site. So even if you don’t make the most amazing video you could embed on your website, blog or Myspace. And then send it to your friends so your are sure to get lots of views. The most popular video on Metacafe has earned $27,907 to date and that is just one video. Metacafe have paid out $1 million to over 600 people. The top earner on Metacafe to date has earned $83,893 from his videos.

If you wish to succeed on Metacafe and really make some money then you need to be creative and original. It’s no use producing poorly filmed, tacky videos. It’s a good idea to browse through the most popular videos to see what kind of topics they are about. Generally, all the how-to and comedy videos are very popular.

Make Money with Metacafe by Submitting Videos

Make Money with Metacafe by Submitting Videos