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I sadly cannot guarantee that you won't ever be scammed, but here are a few strategies to help you find real money making opportunities and avoid the scams.

1. As weird as this may sound, forget about making all that money that they promise. When I started to look for money making opportunities I was desperate to earn extra money because the bills were getting out of control. I was so focused on making money I didn't really do my homework about various opportunities and I fell for a few make money from home scams. Don't let any desperation to make money blind you from rational thinking!

2. Are they promising you to make millions? This one really screams that its one of the make money from home scams. Some of these so called opportunities will show you screen shots of ClickBank accounts that show earnings of over $ 10,000 per day. Unfortunately these can be easily fabricated and they frequently are. If making millions was really that fast and easy then surely there would be so many more millionaires.

3. Is this money making opportunity a sound business model? Could this money making opportunity exist in the real world or is it a concept that has been applied from the real world to the internet? If the answer is no then it is definitely one of the many make money from home scams.

4. When looking at any potential opportunity its important to work out whether they are selling a product or a system. There are many programs that you can purchase that apparently once installed on your computer it just generates an income without any effort. This is a product and while you may get what you pay for, you may not, and probably won't get what you are really after – a way to make money.

5. Be cynical. Please be cynical. When looking for money making opportunities have the mindset that this is potentially one of many make money from home scams. Look at the details, research their claims. If you want, you could sign up for any freebies and if you are unhappy with their freebies, there is always the option of unsubscribing from that particular website at a later stage. Not everyone would be happy with this, but it is certainly ONE way of discerning whether it is the real deal or not.

6. Some of these making money opportunities are technically not make money from home scams, but the amounts of money that are paid are paltry and certainly do not help with paying the bills. I've had the experience of signing up to many survey sites, where I have been paid 10 cents for a half an hours effort of filling in a survey.

7. This is one question I always ask: "Can I learn something and then keep expanding my knowledge?" I think this one is important because we all have to learn skills to do our jobs, many jobs takes years of training and education, so why shouldn't this be applied to any money making venture through the internet?

I hope this information helps you avoid make money from home scams. Good luck.

Make Money From Home Without Being Ripped Off

Make Money From Home Without Being Ripped Off