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This principle in dealing effectively with people is vital in order to make money at home online.

The problem is that few of us ever stop and remember it. We are too quick to race over and trod on others feelings, insisting on getting our own way without considering the other persons point of view. Just the simple thing of considering another’s situation, using some considerate words and showing you understand their viewpoint can really mean a lot when dealing with others.

Many people in this day and age find themselves “too busy” to take the time to be considerate. This should be no excuse as it doesn’t take hours to simply try and show people that you care and that you can see things from their perspective.

We are taught this when dealing with children. As parents you are always told that one thing to avoid is that of criticizing or disciplining your child in front of their peers. The reason for this is to avoid damaging their self esteem and embarrassing them. And of course we understand this and try and avoid it at all costs.

Why then don’t we worry about it when dealing with family, friends and business associates?

Even if we feel we are in the right and the other person is the one who is wrong, don’t destroy their ego by telling them they are wrong and crticising them.

As it is not important what we think of others but what others think of themselves.

It is vital that you avoid embarrassing or admonishing people in front of others. Do not destroy their pride. Show respect and understanding and you can make money at home online.

Make Money at Home Online and Let the Other Person Save Face

Make Money at Home Online and Let the Other Person Save Face