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Every parent dreams of the best for their kids. The truth of the matter is that very few kids today see a bright future for themselves let alone fathom a means of being outrageously wealthy.

The good thing is that kids are seekers, want money and aren’t afraid to ask questions.

Do you know what sort of things your kids are asking online? Here are a few questions that I found without too much effort.

Q: How can kids make money super quick? I am 13 and I need to earn money because I want to be wealthy (or close to being wealthy). So I need help.

A: Earn as much money as possible while your parents still pay for food and housing. Spend 30% of your earnings and put the other 70% into a medium growth investment fund. No kidding, if you earn $2000 and put $1400 in an investment fund it will add up to quite a bit by the time you are married with kids and want to buy your first house.

Good advice. Some kids with good money management initiative and knowledge would actually do this. Here’s another and more disturbing question and answer for you to ponder.

Q: Do I have to ask again? How do I make money without my parents knowing? Please don’t say the usual stuff like dog walk… My parents would know then.

A: Hookers make a lot of money in one night.

Lastly, but most tellingly there’s this one.

Q: What is a way for a kid to make money? (really fast)

A: You could babysit, that’s what I do. It’s so hard to find a job now-a-days.

These questions reflect the statistics in the US. The official poverty rate in 2006 was 12.3% which equates to 36.5 million people. At graduation, the average college student owed $3,262 in credit card debt. Personal savings are in the negative.

It’s a pretty bleak picture. None of these statistics reflect what kids are hearing in their homes. Most parents would be guilty of at least one of them.

  • We don’t have any money
  • We’ve got too many bills to pay
  • We can’t afford that!
  • Who do you think I am? Bill Gates.
  • Get a job and you can buy it

Let’s look at some of the jobs available for our kids. They can:

Rake leaves – $2 per hour

Deliver papers – $30 per month

Wrap gifts – $2 per half hour

Mow lawns – $7 per hour

Baby sit – $7 per hour

Walk dogs – $3 per hour

Sell lemonade – $1 per cup

In this economy, pay rates and jobs are not likely to set our kids up for life or teach them valuable entrepreneurial skills for their futures.

It appears to be a bleak picture but that is not the case. Millions of dollars are being made online daily. Guide your kids learning online instead of letting others answer these questions for them.

Learn how to make money online and you can teach your kids how to make money online too. The internet is probably the best opportunity available for our kids to have a happy, wealthy and interesting future.

Get started today.

Kids Can Make Money Fast, Legally and Long-Term

Kids Can Make Money Fast, Legally and Long-Term