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Is the economy so bad that making money anywhere is nearly impossible?

Does anyone but me think that may well be right up there with "Which came first, the chicken or the egg?"

No matter where we live in this world, it is true that there are hard times and, although we all hope not, there may be a few more to come. Given that I am not any more than a "life experience philosopher", my humble opinion is that if there is opportunity anywhere, it is on the internet.

The internet seeps into virtually every corner on this earth with a few exceptions. I have no doubt that those exceptions will soon be with us on the net because the internet has this way of expanding even to the most remote places. It may be by using a computer one cranks to bring it to life, but the internet keeps expanding.

I grew up in a retail family that between my grandfather and father remained in business for 100 years. That gives me some insight to what that life is like and, right now in the history of our country, I do not envy any small business owner. Our general-type store, when my grandfather started it, was a true old-fashioned general store – pickle and cracker barrels, yard goods (fabrics for those of you too young to have heard it called "yard goods") and he even stocked corsets and those awful hard pieces that kept the corset in shape. There was the "womens side" and, through an open arch, the "mens side".

Over the years, my father maintained the store pretty much as it had always been – the glass cases with heavy dark wood frames to display goods, wooden floors, the "mens side" and the "womens side". There were even the mannequins with no heads, arms, or legs for window displays.

So, there is a side of me that can look at doing business offline compared to doing business online. By far, the ability to reach a greater international audience that can be turned into a customer base exists online. It is, every minute of every day without ceasing, opportunity at its finest.

Compared to a brick-and-mortar store, the personal customer contact is, of course, not there. Can that be overcome by using customer surveys, making it easy for customers to contact you, calling by phone or sending e-mails to repeat customers to let them know about a special sale coming, etc.? Yes, it is possible.

Yes, the economy is lousy. I know it doesn't very grandmotherly to put it this way, but it just plain sucks in a lot of ways. But, if time is taken to actually learn the fine points of internet marketing, then the opportunity to actually succeed is limitless.

That means that instead of doing a layout for the local newspapers to place ads to a limited audience, or even putting together ads specifically for radio or television which will still reach an audience that will, at some point, become limited, the internet reaches the world.

That means the answer to the big question is that while it might be more difficult to make sales, it is nowhere near impossible with the internet. In fact, now that it is possible to include language translators that allow for translating an entire website with the click of the mouse, there are no limits.

The simple truth, however, still remains that marketing on the internet is nowhere near the same as marketing from a brick-and-mortar storefront or marketing agency. It is relatively easy to find a website builder and one can even get a domain name and hosting for that website fairly cheaply. But, there is more to it.

There is another truth about online marketing. There are tricks of the trade, buttons to push, research to be done, advertising techniques that will only work on the net to be done or success will simply not come. It is one thing to throw around the terms such as, "Google AdWords", "PPC Advertising", "FTP", market research, target niche …. Do you really know what they mean and how to use them? Do you really know how to narrow down keywords to reach your niche audience? Which niches are even doing any good these days? With the right learning program these questions are all answered, tools provided and even more.

Everyone needs to become educated on the how-to's of marketing online. Instead of following one guru to learn how to use keywords, for example, and another guru who can tell you all about another single aspect of net marketing, it is best to do your due diligence to find one educational program that uses a step-by -step, easy to follow program, with training videos and articles, along with everything you need to learn and earn all in one spot.

This isn't a point in life I reached without first wasting years and money on trying to get referrals for this MLM deal, that matrix that makes money while you sleep and all the other "stuff" out there that promises riches for doing nothing. I tried all the free "how-to" sites which, sooner or later cost me more money by having to get the "extras" to enhance my experience along the way.

After about 10 years of never really getting anywhere, I completely deleted the past of what I had tried online, went about looking for a true and valuable training program for a cost we can afford and started completely over. What I found is that I was hearing myself say, "WOW! I never knew that!" as I began to work through the training found at my final choice after many comparisons. For my buck, that means it is well worth it and being the # 1 program of its type on the net is a true statement.

So, yes, money can still be made and if you want the best shot at it, then getting the right training either from the get-go as a newbie or starting over as a very humbled internet marketer will make the difference between success and failure .

Is it Possible to Make Money in Bad Economic Times?

Is it Possible to Make Money in Bad Economic Times?