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One of the biggest problems people have when it comes to making money online is that they do not know how to create a website. That is no longer a problem because one can now use blogs (like the free one at to make good money online.

The simple way to go about it is by targeting a popular niche market and then create a blog around it.

Here is a simple blueprint you can follow starting today.

1) Get a free blog at and give it a name that is related to the market you are targeting. For instance, if your target market is “Acne Cure” you can name your blog

It’s important to do this for easy branding and also for search engine purposes.

2) Start posting on your blog. Write good articles relating to your topic. You don’t need to be a “Charles Dickens” to do this.

If you know about your topic very well, it is quite easy to come up with about 350 words. Don’t try to be too fanciful. Just share your knowledge like you’re sharing it with a friend. Post an article everyday.

3) Submit your articles. Submit to article directories like and write a powerful resource box at the end that will lead people back to your blog.

This is important because you will be needing people to visit your blog.

4) Monetize your blog. You can monetize your blog by promoting and recommending products related to your target market.

The easiest place to find quality products to promote as an affiliate is at

It’s free to join as an affiliate. Once you register for an account, you can start promoting all the products there.

Another easy way (perhaps the easiest) way to monetize your blog is by displaying contextual ads like Google AdSense. You can register for it at

It’s free to join. The beautiful thing about it is that people don’t need to buy anything before you make money. Once they click on your ads, you make money. It’s that easy.

There you go. Making money online doesn’t have to be a hard thing to do. You can start today with no money using free blogs.

To your success.

Akin Alabi

How to Make Money Online With Free Blogs

How to Make Money Online With Free Blogs