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In this article series on Web Stats, I am going to show you what is important in your Web Stats and how to analyze them to make improvements to your marketing efforts.


a) Log into your hosting account’s C-Panel

b) Click on your Web/FTP Stats.

c) Choose any of the Stat options, however I use Awstats.

Scroll down past the Monthly and Daily visit stats and soon you will see…

Robots/Spiders Visitors

You want to be sure your site is being visited by Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing and other major search engines. If your site is not visited by them frequently then you will not be moving up in the search engines.

Here “Hits” is the same as in the Monthly Visitor stats so this is not an indication of how many times the search engine has hit your site. The “Last Visit” column is what you should keep your eye on. It is not uncommon for a site to be visited every day when you are making changes to the content on the sales page or to your blog or articles pages that are linked to your sales page.

Fresh content is the key to bringing back the Robots and Spiders on a regular basis. This will move your site up the organic searches on the search engines if your fresh content is relevant to the keywords you are marketing for.

Be sure to use an XML sitemap on your website so that your blog posts will be indexed by the search engines. You can also get fresh content by adding an Articles Page to your website and posting your articles and sending the URL to a ping site like or I discuss this in detail on pages 85-87 of The Beginner’s Guide to Online Success!

The common term for “fresh content” is Spider Food. Be sure to feed your spiders often!

How to Make Money From Home – Tips to Analyze Your WebStats Robot and Spider Visitors

How to Make Money From Home - Tips to Analyze Your WebStats Robot and Spider Visitors