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Finding the missing link in racing and making millions or how to find it in racing is what every single player that handicap is searching for. Is there a missing link that no one knows? For all practical purposes all information on horse racing is known. All of it is simply not known by one person. That information is scattered in every direction through out the mass media. The player might think that no one knows it all but you don’t have to know it all. Only specific things. You don’t have to know what the trainer eats for lunch.

It would be sensible to know what the jockey ate for lunch because what you eat affects behavior. So the point becomes: what is it that the player must know? (1) That horse racing is made of two major divisions: profitcapping and handicapping. (2) That there’s in fact enough money left over in the payouts to make a profit over the long-term. (3) There’s a way to make a profit from racing or a way to do it but you must learn advanced profitcapping and advanced handicapping and work with it. Once again: there’s – no – missing link in racing.

Only a limit in your knowledge of the game. The information is there. But you have to get to know it. To make money in racing the player must first know how money flows in the game which is by field size, that money can be made, how much can be made and how it is to be made. (1) Each field size has a different amount of money in it (that’s profitcapping). (2) Each field size has a different handicap method(s) or system(s) that’s best to predict and select the horse(s) with (that’s handicapping).

Those two things alone tells the player an immense deal. If only you knew. The way to do racing is to go into detail on how to do the money side of the game (profitcapping) which includes some of these: correct profitcapping ticket formatting form, correct ticket pricing, finding potential profit which can be in the 100’s of thousands of dollars to millions of dollars, knowing ticket probability, grasping pass or play (both profitcapping and handicapping forms), money management, learning how to create a line-up, how to rank horses correctly, how to compare rankings, handicap ticket formatting form, finding elimination methods, creating handicap odds and much more. These are the things every player needs to know.

This is to advance themselves in the game. The only limitations is your knowledge in the game. To advance in the game you must have right knowledge. This is partially how to understand the missing link in racing.

Horse Racing: How To Find The Missing Link In Racing

Horse Racing: How To Find The Missing Link In Racing