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There are so many social media used by thousands of people. You can make more money with social media by strategically using it for more money earning opportunities. Following are 4 ways to do it –

Create a Network – Using social media create a big and good network. Network in social media like wikipedia, ryze, MySpace, YouTube, Digg, orkut etc will help you to get noticed and make money by tapping the network. You can go for different money making options by using the network, but that should be in limits, otherwise you will loose it.

Referral – Choose the best social media for using. Best social media will attract more and better people. You can contact more people, get more referrals and make more money there. Referrals will get you business and more business and may be return business also if your work is fine.

Establish yourself as an authority – In the social media that you use, establish yourself as an authority. People will follow you, they will be eager to hear your views, they will trust you. You can use such position to make more money from advertisement, writing reviews for companies and products or services.

Affiliate marketing – Resort to affiliate marketing for making more money. In the best social media, create some good posts and subscribe to some good affiliate marketing programs inline with your ideas. When people will visit your space, they will find advertisements of the affiliates. Affiliate marketing may bring you money more than anything else in due course.

4 Keys to Make More Money With Social Media

4 Keys to Make More Money With Social Media