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Everyday spenders, I encourage your curiosity.

Those extra credit card deals – and how to make them work on your budget

Several of the major credit cards have extra deals.  Word to the wise, there should be NO penalty for NOT using your particular deal.  Beyond that, the following are commonalities:



-Getting the deal requires a sign-up or activation

-The deal has a time limit, or expires by a certain date

-The deal is a set percentage or flat-rate

-There is a spending cap – read more on spending caps here.

Often these deals will be visible when you log onto their website.  Occasionally they will email you, or send out mailings, as well – so be on the look out for either of those.  In other cases, it may be up to you to search and/or ask.

Other ways to earn: We’ve heard some credit card companies offer incentives for the following: going paperless with your account statements, and/or adding an authorized user. Plus, most have a referral bonus, usually with an annual maximum. Basically, you can refer your friends and family; if they sign up, you will receive something for your effort. Pretty sweet, huh?

Not sure where to look?  We recommend calling, or chatting with, a representative from your credit card during non-peak hours.  Believe it or not, they do enjoy hearing from their account holders.

Also, if you’re someone who does a lot of online shopping, consider looking into Rakuten. They’re a reputable intermediary with their own assortment of cash back offers: certain products, in specific categories, at any number of various retailers. Before you spend, be sure to sign-up & link your credit card to track & receive their cash back bonuses.



Those extra credit card deals – and how to make them work on your budget