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Dear reader:


What type of spender are you? Don’t know? Time to do your homeworkWell the time has come; you must be curious, at least a little bit.  Tell you what: it starts by collecting receipts and statements of your recent spending.

Beyond that, I’d like for you to consider your predicable spending.  In other words, what you’re planning to spend in the near future; include all big purchases with estimates.

Note: If you primarily spend cash, there are 2 worthy methods: start asking for your receipts, or tally how much you spend by realizing how much you begin with verses what’s leftover.  Also, some everyday spenders may consider transitioning with a debit card, or even a secured credit card.  Read about the benefits of using a debit card here.

Now, without further ado, please examine your own spending to best determine your configuration.  A calculator maybe necessary; bonus points for using pen and paper... just kidding!

I’ve assembled a list of typical expenditures, but results do vary:


Primary everyday spending categories

______ Gas

______ Online Shopping

______ Restaurants

______ Grocery Stores

Secondary everyday spending categories

______ Home Improvement Stores

______ Department Stores

______ Transportation/Car Rentals

______ Movie Theater

______ Gyms and other Subscription Services

______ Airlines/Hotels

______ Wholesale Clubs

______ Drug Stores

______ Streaming Services

______ ______ ______ ______ List everything else!

Please note: some utilities: like electric, cable/internet, cell phone, insurance, etc. will allow you to use a credit card for payment, and often it’s possible to set up automatic payments for further security.  We’ll explore this as part of reaching bonuses, as well as the basics for earning cash back.

What type of spender are you?  Don't know?  Time to do your homework