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The internet is flooded with make money online schemes, eBooks, and “methods” that are actually cleverly designed products that don’t really offer you anything useful at all. About one in fifty such products much offer you something unique and interesting, but for the most part these products are bunk and are sold by a bunch of folks that are just trying to cash in on your desires to get rich quick.

First off all, you should be advised that there is no “get rich quick” scheme that works on the internet. Every method to make money online that actually works takes a huge amount of effort and a specialized skill set, and in most cases a large bankroll to fund your project unless you are really good at search engine optimization or some other organic traffic method.

When you are first getting into making money online, it’s virtually impossible to identify what is good versus what is totally bogus, and unfortunately many aspiring entrepreneurs get taken for quite a ride. It’s a sad reality, but it’s the same concept as Las Vegas – everybody goes there hoping to get rich, only to find themselves poor very quickly.

The biggest key to making money online is to learn from your mistakes, and to take what all the “gurus” tell you with a grain of salt. Think of it this way – if somebody really does have a method of making millions of dollars online – why would they be selling it to you for $99 instead of using their method and making enough money to retire and live happily ever after? Unfortunately, there isn’t a centralized agency that keeps an eye out for these scams.

Any digital product that makes huge promises of massive profits and is “guaranteed to work” is almost always the exact opposite. You’ll spend $100 on a piece of junk software or eBook that tells you about some super -secret marketing technique that will supposedly make you a fortune. Then you get the product and read it to discover its some over-hyped way of doing one of the following:

  1. Posting your website to free classifieds or blog commenting or using some other commonly-known method of having your website appear for free on other websites.
  2. Taking advantage of social networking and social bookmarking sites like or Facebook.
  3. Faking your way through traffic exchange sites so that you rack up thousands of traffic credits with them, which you use to get free traffic to your website.

It’s even sadder than when I talk to a lot of people they will try to defend their decision to purchase these eBooks. I’ve had a lot of friends that try to buy into the hype of these books and ask me for my opinion – which I am brutally honest with them about – but they end up wasting their money anyways on them. Then a few days/weeks later I check on them to see if their product actually delivered what is promised…surprise surprise not a single person has said yes. Then it’s an uphill battle to talk them into fighting to get their money back.

If you really want to learn how to make money online, then the ideal starting places are online business forums. You can go to any of them and freely ask questions about where to get started, what works, and you will quickly learn the proper ways to make money online that doesn’t involving handing over $99.

Don’t Fall For Junk Make Money Online Products

Don't Fall For Junk Make Money Online Products