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Your product launch is just about there. Your product is better than any other in the same niche, your product launch team is in place, you've made a flow chart to ensure that no vital pieces are missing, and launch day is close at hand. There's just one thing left to do, actually it's a series of things.

You have to make your final systems checks.

Just like an airline captain checking the flight deck systems before pushing back from the stand, you should check all of your product launch systems.

For example, run a credit card through the shopping cart to make sure that your sales funnel is in good working order. Are your JV and affiliate cookies being registered?

For a big syndicated product launch, there are close to 330 different but interrelated items to get your people to check and re-check on 11 different lists. So that's up to 30 issues per list and each one can be splintered into sub-lists so do not under-estimate the task to hand.

Running a stellar launch ramps up your reputation a further notch or two so leave nothing to chance or your credibility will take a hammering. Check and re-check … then rinse and repeat.

Losing your server in the first 60 seconds may sound cool but actually it's your worst nightmare. Customer support gets hit with more tickets than it can sensibly handle working 24/7.

Your Costs will rocket as you hire extra staff to handle the shambles. Some buyers may pay twice. Some other would-be buyers lose patience and never return. Your JVs are not amused to say the least. Their commission checks are at stake here.

Key personnel will feel product launch G-Forces they've never experienced before so make a comprehensive check list to give them the best chance. Make sure that in each case they have a plan B.

Get this wrong and most of the hard work you have done to maximize your ROI can be flushed you-know-not-where.

It's been a long haul but you are about to reap the financial rewards.

Before you do, switch your mind to post launch follow up plans, stick strategies and actually delivering the product to your buyers. Realize that now is the time that you have to over-deliver as you planned to do all along.

Life is about to take a new and exciting leap forward … Good luck!

Your Product Launch Checklists – All 11 of Them

Your Product Launch Checklists - All 11 of Them