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People used to apply for credit cards attached to airline rewards at one time. These fell out of favor for quite a while. Over the past six months though, airline affiliated cards have been making a great comeback. And it's all thanks to the way airlines have made it their policy over the past 10 years to try to milk their customers for all they are worth for fees of one kind or another added-on for everything they would wish to do. Today, there's a great way for you to reset your relationship with your airline back to a time when most normal things you did on an airline flight came free. All you need to do now is to apply for credit cards that they offer. You get many your add-on fees waived, you get perks, you get frequent flyer rewards and of course, you get all of these for a price.

These are pretty popular with consumers too. Nearly half of all credit card offers sent to customers over the last six months alone were rewards cards that were affiliated to airlines. That's twice as much as what the number used to be just a year ago. If you get a card that's affiliated to Delta for instance, you and up to nine people traveling with you get to take one piece of luggage for free on each flight – that's $ 25 in savings for each piece of luggage. When you just sign up for a Continental credit card, you get enough miles upon as your bonus that you can use to take a domestic round-trip for free. Other airlines have similar plans as well.

These offers are so great that even traditionally skeptical credit card experts are beginning to change camps. Delta's free luggage plan has been spectacularly successful with new customers who apply for credit cards. JetBlue's system, where it does away with expiration dates on its rewards programs and grants points for every dollar spent has been very popular too. These aren't like the credit cards that came from airlines before; There are no costly annual fees, undeniably high interest rates and low reward rates. Those were only good for customers who spent at least $ 10,000 on their cards every year and paid their balances off immediately. With the free checked baggage plan they have on the Delta and Continental credit cards, two people traveling would save up to $ 100 right there on a round-trip. Of course, you do pay a $ 100 annual fee; but if you travel at least twice a year, you make that up and start off into profit territory. Not to mention, you even get discounts on in-flight meals, snacks and entertainment.

Of course, they still do charge some pretty high interest rates – ones that are about 3% higher than on normal credit cards. If you don't plan to pay your balance off each month, this probably isn't the right idea for you.

Why It Is Popular Than Ever Before Now to Apply for Credit Cards From Airlines

Why It Is Popular Than Ever Before Now to Apply for Credit Cards From Airlines