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Ok – let's get one thing straight right at the outset; credit cards are one of the most useful inventions in recent history. The benefits are numerous and varied and to cover all of them in depth would be far beyond the scope of even the lengthiest online article. We can only cover the many benefits briefly but one of the most obvious ones is when you are in some sort of emergency, be it medical, automobile or whatever else it may be and you find yourself in need of money. A valid credit card is of course as good as cash and it is just the thing to bail you out of this potentially desperate situation.

Credit cards can also be of tremendous assistance if you find yourself financially in limbo so to speak. You may have already exhausted your ready cash allotment for this week and still have not done any grocery shopping. With a few calculations though you figure you will have more than enough funds next week to cover that and this present week. This is an ideal scenario where a credit card is the only logical solution.

OK now for the downside. You did expect there to be one right? Well there is and one of the most prevalent disadvantages of credit card ownership and use is that it really takes great discipline to manage and maintain your finances when you are using a credit card. Think about it; if you chance across some impulse purchase or another in the course of your daily activities, the temptation is much greater to pick it up on a whim knowing that you will not have to deal with the sordid topic of payment … well – not just yet anyway.

It is quite understandable that many people, even the most prudent and frugal among us can be known to throw caution to the wind when confronted with their own particular brand of indulgence, just waiting to be theirs at the swipe of a little plastic card. Not only that, many credit card companies often tack on outlandish services on their monthly bill, in addition to the payment for the purchases that you already made and any interests that they may have accrued. You may find your careful calculations (if you have actually taken the time to make any) all for naught when you realize that you have grossly underestimated this month's credit card bill.

In the face of these difficulties don't you think that it is high time that you get something back for your troubles? Well the CitiBank Travel Rewards Credit Cards is just the thing for you in your hour of need. They are basically a range of credit card combined with bonus point advantages that you can use in your travel expenses. This is a great way to make your money go farther both literally and figuratively as you can apply these bonus to your airline ticket purchases. Some cards will even reward you with companion tickets upon the purchase of a regular ticket.

What is a Great Credit Card That Offers Bonus Points?

What is a Great Credit Card That Offers Bonus Points?