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Unlike traditional rebates that leave purchases holding onto receipts and filling out forms and then waiting to receive a check in the mail, gas rebate cards are, in effect, reward credit cards. Just as airlines offer frequent flyer miles for dollars spent at general merchandisers and bonus miles for those who shop with special partners and for flights taken, there are a variety of ways in which those who will be purchasing gas with credit cards will be able to benefit from rebates and rewards.

Gas rebate cards come in two basic varieties. In the first, gas rebate cards are reward credit cards that are issued by an individual chain of stations such as Sunoco, Shell, Mobil, BP or Exxon that offer some sort of rebate for purchases. With some of these gas rebate cards, you can elect to have your rebate credited to your account when the value reaches a certain amount; With others, you will find that you are able to receive other benefits that will help to offset the costs of fueling up at the pump.

Alternately, there are more traditional credit cards that function as gas rebate cards. These cards that are offered by Discover, by Citibank, Chase, Capital One and other well known credit lenders offer points credits or cash back credits for all purchases, including filling the gas tank. With these cards, it is possible to sign up for promotional campaigns – allowing you to receive a 5% rebate on gas purchased with the card rather than 1% on the dollar.

Though this may not seem to be a great savings, when you add up the benefits of gas rebate cards like these, you will see that, over time, the savings are great. The same is true of all gas rebate cards.

Of course, that does not mean that you will want to just jump at the first available opportunity to sign up for gas rebate cards, not does it mean that you should look into signing up for multiple gas rebate cards. If you want to be sure that you are to take advantage of all of the benefits of gas rebate cards, you are going to want to be sure that you are choosing the card that will best suit your needs – and the reality is that it may not be the gas rebate cards offered by gas stations themselves.

Still, by exploring the options available to you with gas rebate cards, you will find that you are able to receive the benefits; While the savings may not seem significant initially, they definitely add up over time. Gas rebate cards can help to take some of the pain out of filling up at the pump.

What Are Gas Rebate Cards?

What Are Gas Rebate Cards?