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GameFly is the most well-known online video game rental service these days. Having more than 6000 games on nine major gaming consoles that include the seventh generation consoles such as Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360, GameFly is the number one choice of a majority of the enthusiastic gamers. Each platform of games at GameFly includes several pages of games and each search category has numerous game options. GameFly also carries game titles for all chief handheld systems such as GameBoy Advance, Nintendo DS and PlayStation PSP. From GameFly, you can even buy or get PSP movies on rent. 

GameFly makes the selection of games easy by offering explanations, screenshots, cheats, reviews and videos of individual games. For buying games at a discounted rate, you can opt for the plans provided by GameFly. GameFly has a free trial period that allows you to assess its service. For getting a lone game on rent at a time, you will need to shell out $15.95 a month. The cost of renting 2 games at a time is $22.95 (plus tax that’s applicable). With shipping centers in Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, Austin and Tampa, a game is usually delivered within two to three days. However, you may have to wait for up to a week to get games delivered between returns. GameFly has a swift return option that permit gamers to have their subsequent game shipped before the title is officially returned to the distribution center. This system allows faster turnover times as compared to other online video game rental services. 

If you want to control your kids’ gaming habits, GameFly is the perfect choice as it offers parental controls. Using your credit card, you can stop some particular games from being rented based on their ESRB rating. You can even use MPAA rating to block getting PSP movies on rent. Once you turn on the parental control feature, GameFly blocks your kids’ ability to add restricted movies and games to his/her Game Q. The facility to read the reviews of restricted games is also not allowed to your kid. If you want to modify or alter the account settings and buy games, you will need a password. 

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You will get some of the most complete game pages of the industry from GameFly. This online video rental service has no due dates or late fees. You will get free shipping for the games on rent. So, after you have finished playing the game, you can send the games back in the prepaid mailer. If you like a game that you have rented, GameFly allows you to purchase the same. You can cancel your membership with GameFly whenever you want to without paying any penalty or additional amount of money. 

GameFly guarantees to deliver all games in perfect working and scratch free condition. All the games are delivered in their original case and have the manual so that the gamer can understand it easily.  GameFly also offers some programs to motivate the gamers like GameFly Rewards and referral programs. The partnership with Facebook is another of its unique features. 

Unbiased Gamefly Review

Unbiased Gamefly Review