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In today’s world of job losses and high unemployment there are literally millions of people scouring the Internet every day trying to find ways to make some money. From work-at-home businesses to MLM companies, franchises to direct selling opportunities and, inevitably, the get-rich-quick deals. One of the problems we face is how do we sort through the thousands of options out there and how do we sort out the good from the bad? The good news about the Internet is it allows us to do instant research at the click of a mouse. The bad news is it allows anyone to put anything online both good and bad at the click of a mouse.

So let me set the scene. We discover a link on our Google search that states, “Invest only $250 one-time and reap the rewards of $10,000 income month after month”. Do we click on that link? I am not sure if any research has been done on the percentage of people that have clicked on such links but my educated guess would put it close to 100%! The question I would ask is why do we take a look? We all understand there is no such thing as something for nothing, right? Or have we been brainwashed by society with stories of lottery winners and instant millionaire TV shows that maybe, just maybe, there is a chance to get-rich-quick.

Is there such a thing as a “legitimate get-rich-quick opportunity”? After the old cash pyramids were outlawed several years ago, some were enhanced with “product offerings” which attempted to legitimize them again. The regulators moved in and defined in more detail what, in their eyes, was legitimate or not. The general rule of thumb that has emerged is that at least 50% of any MLM company’s revenue has to come from real product sales. But every so often a company comes along that appears to challenge the authorities. One of those companies is TVI Express.

TVI Express (Travel Ventures International) is in the travel business. This is a service industry that is the biggest single industry segment on the planet, is truly global and has a reported sales volume of $7 trillion. It is an industry that has been revolutionized by the Internet with more than 80% of all sales being transacted online. Anyone seen a brick-and-mortar travel agency recently? Several companies have entered this space with an MLM concept but none like TVI Express.

The TVI Express business model is based solely on building a large organization and rewarding their independent reps that do so. The signup fee is about $275 and the model calls for you to just “recruit two, who recruits two”. For doing that the compensation plan is reported to get you back your original investment “in a couple of weeks” and to then start paying you $10,000 on a regular basis “after 30-90 days” as you cycle through the system and as people join under you. I believe there is enough solid evidence on the Internet that proves these claims to be true and that some people have received these payouts.

There is no mention in the compensation plan of commissions being paid on product sales, which for a lot of people is a red flag taking into account the aforementioned history with the authorities (in the USA). But TVI Express is not a US based company and is reportedly headquartered in the UK. This seems to be in doubt as nobody can be reached at the telephone number published on their website. They are processing all of their transactions through an international exchange account and have banking facilities on the island of Cyprus in Greece. No credit cards. It is also not quite clear who owns TVI and names of their management team are nowhere to be found.

Having said that, TVI Express seems to have the makings of a very sophisticated get-rich-quick opportunity. It is still in its infancy, having started first in India and China at the beginning of 2009 and arriving in the US just a couple of months ago. As it will not be easy for any authority to tackle the issue of TVI’s legitimacy, we can expect them to have a fair amount of time to continue operations. The web presentations are professional and the travel story sexy. They also appear to have some incredible bonus opportunities for those that build large organizations. How about winning a luxury car outright? Then you can advance to win beautiful villas in dream locations and top that off by being presented with a luxury yacht or private jet!

Are these fantasies or reality? After studying the compensation plan, and if the owners are not greedy, TVI Express will be able to afford these types of rewards. Their global presence will also fuel their expansion as they start to publicize some of their success stories and people start to chase their dream. Is it something you should get involved with? That is for you to decide but if you can afford to risk $275 for the chance to live like a millionaire, why not. After all, most people spend more than that on lottery tickets and coffee at Starbucks every year!

TVI Express – The Ultimate Get-Rich-Quick Deal?

TVI Express - The Ultimate Get-Rich-Quick Deal?