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Watch out for 'No Frills' Fees

Be aware of the latest schemes that 'no frills' airlines come up with to squeeze more money out of you. A new one is paying extra fees to sit next to each other; as well as the more established practices of leaving you miles from the resort, baggage allowances and high prices for a mid flight bite to eat.

Make Sure you're Insured Don't book with a travel operator unless they are ATOL / ABTA protected. Protect yourself further by booking with your credit card and having a sound travel insurance policy. If you really want to make sure your perfect holiday doesn't go up in smoke then book with a brand you trust … who knows which travel agents will still be around in July?

Go Somewhere Different With the pound plunging against the euro why not consider Egypt, Tunisia or Turkey? Then again if you are going to a traditional European resort, this year prices should make up for any losses on the exchange rate. Leave the iPhone at Home Despite EU roaming legislation, it's easy to get carried away and spend a small fortune on mobile phone fees. Use an internet café to stay in touch or get a local SIM card.

Book Early In the current economic climate, travel operators are slashing prices to reward early bookers. Take advantage of these prices whilst there are bargains to be had. Then at least you can have the peace of mind that you are having a holiday … with the way things are looking for 2009, you're going to need one!

Top Travel Tips For 2009

Top Travel Tips For 2009