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The perfect work / life balance is one of those elusive things in our lives that we want, along with our ideal figure, self-ironing clothes and a limitless credit card where someone else foots the bill. With the lighter evenings and warm (hopefully!) Summer months ahead, it can be really hard to keep focused on keeping focused on your work, when all you want to do is play.

So for working women and mums everywhere, here are some top tips to get the most from your summer both in work and play.

Lighten the load For most of the year, you work so hard that, at times, I'm guessing you are near to exhaustion. During the summer months, give yourself permission to relax a little. Leave work a bit earlier (if your company allows flexible working), make a few less telephone calls, take a couple of things off your to-do list. You may feel a little guilty at first for not doing your normal levels of work – but your physical and mental wellbeing will reap the rewards.

Set some summer time goals. Whilst you may be lightening your workload, this does not mean that you can't work towards some goals through the summer months. Perhaps your desk is due a makeover or you want to re-organize your wardrobe? Using the summer months to attend to your goals can help you to become more organized and improve your efficiency. Remember to write down your goals to keep you focused!

Have an office stay-cation. When we are on holiday, we often are more willing to try something new or do something different than if we were at home. Bring a bit of that free spirit adventure to your desk and do something different in your working day. Set aside time to tackle some lower priority tasks that have been lurking on your to-do list for a while. Bring in an inspirational poster and put it on your desk. Try out a new café at lunchtime. Take a walk around the park and listen to some of your favorite music. Go for a swim, catch up with a friend over a coffee. Try something new every day – you never know, you might enjoy it so much that it becomes a habit!

Make the most of the lighter nights. If you are a working mum who struggles with managing work whilst the kids are off school, use the summer evenings to enjoy some family activities. Find out the events that are running in your area, or take them to the local park. There are lots of activities and events running in the summer months and, if you adopt your holiday mindset, you may well get to enjoy an activity as a family that becomes a regular fixture in your home life as well as spending some quality time together. For working women who haven't got children, the same thing applies. Use your evenings to catch up with friends, visit an open-air concert, go to the theater or cinema – try something different outside your normal routine.

Keep Upbeat . It can be really depressing when the office is half empty as your colleagues take time off, leaving you to hold the fort. There will be times that you wistfully gaze out of the window to admire the glorious summer sunshine and feel down that you can't get out there and make the most of it. Remember to focus upon the positives of your situation, you are a working woman who contributes to an organization by using a variety of personal skills and qualities to get the job done, you are a fantastic mum who invests in quality time with her family whilst earning an income for them too.

Enjoy your summer!

Top Tips For Working Women To Make The Most Of The Summer

Top Tips For Working Women To Make The Most Of The Summer