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There are many persons who abhor debt in any form. To attract such persons, credit card issuers offer rewards attached to use of their special program. This works fine as more and more customers apply for such programs. Your choice of credit card should depend on your personal standard of living. Only then will your program offer maximum benefits.

To obtain maximum benefits as far as the reward program is concerned, always choose a reputed issuer. They offer travel benefits, freebies, gift certificates and even cash back offers. The most popular reward program is the one offered by American Express. This is the oldest program as well. You have to earn points on such a card.

You earn points even when you pay for minor expenses like your cable expense. If you purchase stuff from specified online stores, you may get triple point bonus as well.

A close second comes the Thank You program offered by Citi. This program is popular due to its unique option of converting points into airline miles. Further, you can obtain more and more points in many innovative ways. Even having an account with Citi is enough to fetch you points. More points means more benefits and more benefits means more advantages of having such a credit card.

Further, you can use your points to pay off your credit card or student debt as well. Of course, you should have borrowed from Citi in the first place. The primary grouse against Citi is that you need to obtain as many as 1500 points to obtain just a $10 gift card.

Tips To Get The Best Credit Card Rewards

Tips To Get The Best Credit Card Rewards