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You may be enjoying a good relationship with your local bank and would prefer to use it to meet your business credit card needs.  That may be a good idea, but before you decide, make sure you consider all of your options.

The business credit card market is highly competitive.  That’s a great advantage for you when deciding which issuer to select for your card.  So, consider some prescient points before finalizing your decision.

o Decide whether you will be able to make payment in full when due.  Carrying over a balance month to month attaches higher interest rates and fees.  If you think that you may sometimes carry the balance forward, then you need to base your card decision upon the interest rate and fees applied to such carry-overs.

o If your business requires that you entertain or travel often, you may want to look into cards offering rewards or bonuses reflective of such needs.  Bonuses or discounts may also be offered on some business credit cards on the purchase of specific goods.  If your business requires the purchase of these goods on a regular basis, you may want to consider choosing such a credit card.

o If your business needs some temporary relief, you might want to consider a card offering low interest transfers.  These offers are generally good for only six months, but that may be all you need in certain situations.

o Some bonus and rewards cards offer huge points bonuses at sign up.  If you are already considering a rewards card for your business, be certain to check out the sign-on offer.

o Some issuers offer free cards for employees.  If any of your staff is authorized to use a company card, this could be a cost cutting feature.

o Ask a question to the people where you intend to use your business credit card – which card they prefer. This makes a huge difference in your business dealings.

o Check on approval time.  This is a factor for some business people who don’t want to wait for an extended period for approval.

Always apply your due diligence to investigate all the business credit card offers which seem practical to you.  Your goal is to reduce the list down to the one best suited to the needs of your small business.  Remember that management of your business credit card is vitally important.  This decision could ultimately decide the success or failure of your small business.

The Right Credit Card For Your Business to Count On!

The Right Credit Card For Your Business to Count On!