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Most people enjoying flying because it offers a fresh experience and a new chance to see a new part of the world, or even a new part of Australia. Traveling has always occurred during 'vacation time' but now more and more people are looking to travel on week-ends and holidays. However, flying can get a bit pricy and depending on where and when you are flying you could be facing a pretty steep plane ticket price. Is there an answer? The Qantas Premium American Express credit card is the perfect solution to the travel problem because it offers card holders the chance to cash in their points for plane tickets and even more importantly, frequent flier miles. Without frequent flier miles a lot of traveler's just plain wouldn't go anywhere. The Qantas Premium credit card helps you get the most out of your frequent flier miles while at the same time giving you some of the best features offered by any card on the market.

How can the Qantas American Express enhance your frequent flier program? Well, for starters you earn 1.5 reward points for each dollar you spend. This is increased further if you spend money on certain Qantas services within Australia or America. In fact, the Qantas Premium credit card offers up to 3.5 points per dollar spent, if you spend your money in the right places. All the points that you earn get automatically transferred to your frequent flier account, so you don't have to work through impossible customer service and jump through hoops in order to access your flier points.

What makes the Qantas Premium even better is that your points never expire and there is no roof to your earning potential. You are not cut off from earning like many other credit cards after a certain amount and you are not required to use your frequent flier miles by a certain time or date.

The Qantas American Express Premium credit card is a rich card full of rich features that allow card holders to take advantage of great travel deals. Because plane tickets are so expensive already using a frequent flier program, in conjunction with the Qantas credit card, can make traveling cheaper and easier than ever. You can only get premium rewards from a premium solution- the Qantas Premium credit card.

The Qantas Premium American Express Credit Card Helps You … and Your Frequent Flier Account!

The Qantas Premium American Express Credit Card Helps You ... and Your Frequent Flier Account!