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There is PASSION fueled by Innovation, Implementation, and Innovation thriving in Tampa Bay.

Reprofitizing(TM) your old plan for the New Year

Plunging bottom lines? Stop it! When observing a child chasing a ball into traffic, instinctively we yell, “Stop!” Like that child running into a traffic hazard…Entrepreneurs are running into unreasonable risks also by chasing individual goals without a cohesive PLAN. STOP and ask yourself these:

o Do you have a comprehensive plan?

o Do the benefits outweigh the risks?

o What are the goals?

o Do the goals increase revenue and/or efficiency?

o Is your image being portrayed consistently?

The planning concept and creative elements that are crucial in any business to stop bottom lines from plunging are best described as “Reprofitizing(TM)”.

Thinking outside the box is imperative; in today’s marketplace, it’s priceless. Okay, the price tag is a concern, but the loss of quality and effectiveness will keep you from accomplishing any goal. Whether starting, building, reprofitizing(TM), or restructuring during an economic downturn, you need a distinctive plan to differentiate your business and create a brand people insist on. The need for your product or service will virtually eliminate the competition; thus, achieving the goal. Following are a few stories of encouragement and a innovative ideas to prompt business owners in Tampa Bay to build their own trusted brand and create insistence.

My first stop was with PEACE Wealth Management, located in Seminole. PEACE owner, Kristine Hartland, has been a leader and innovator in what could be seen as a devastated financial industry. As a wealth advisor for over 20 years, Kris is in a distinguished position of trust with a brand that speaks with just its name. Her staff and clients agree that her personalization, knowledge and technology are unprecedented in the industry. She has made some major, and minor, changes to reprofitize(TM) and set business up to carry continued success into 2009. She has teamed up with clients’ accountants, attorneys, employers, etc. to create a seamless plan. Other simple changes have included remodeling her website to reflect changes in her marketing and materials, new technology for clients, and outsourcing to more qualified people to save employee costs.

From the retail/service industry, I was sure to hear negativity flowing, but this was not the case at Rare Accents (a salon in Palm Harbor). Marilyn and Gail run an unparallel team and were first to greet me with a friendly smile. I was quick to notice that everyone was busy, smiling, helpful, and wait…there was a trophy on one of the stylists’ stations! Gail and Marilyn have worked hard to continuously reprofitize(TM) plans and goals. There is a structure for the staff that values and rewards their efforts. The entire staff received credit for this amazing establishment. Moreover, innovative awareness programs take care of their customers; keeping them coming back and raving to all their friends. Rare Accents created their insistent brand with these basics, plus a unique line of products, encouraging clients to use the talents of several different stylists, a private salon room, full-range services, and open late evenings. They are a great example of success.

Next I met Rosie herself at Rosie’s Clam Shack, located in Pinellas Park. Talk about fun! This place is teeming with energy. Rosie had me smiling ear to ear with her amazing attitude and enjoyment for life. She backs it up with truly magnificent seafood. Rosie started her “New England Seafood with a Florida Flare” restaurant 6 years ago. With the ongoing economic decline plus last years’ construction on the plaza, Rosie must reprofitize(TM). She has implemented several new strategies and backs it up in every way. I had an opportunity to speak with some of her patrons, whom were all repeat customers and fans. Rosie’s planning, tracking, and advertising to attract new customers, added with the experience, food, entertainment, and lounge atmosphere that she provides, keeps them coming back. She plans to get more ‘tech savvy’ and create a web appearance for customers to check out entertainment, specials and read fun facts. Stay tuned. She also offers incentives and hospitality cards for you deal seekers.

Visiting a more established restaurant prompted me to visit a new entity. Town N Country Ale House has just re-opened doors to the former Constantino’s on the corner of Hanley and Waters Ave. The nicknamed TNC Ale House faces a unique reprofitizing(TM) challenge. Modeling a new business after an old concept doesn’t create an insistent brand, so a plan to stand out is required. Owner and Manager, Jay and Mike are setting up for success with a distinctive menu with carnival-style desserts, a kids game room with surveillance cameras for parents, TV’s, projection screens, and did I mention TV’s?! The truly “Cheers” style atmosphere is enchanting and complete with pool tables, darts, jukebox, arcade games, drink specials, live entertainment…oh, and colossal wings too! Sporting events with competitions and prizes will certainly be a good time with good friends; that’s what you will find anytime you step into this establishment.

The last interview was one that touches near and dear to all of us. I’m talking Real Estate. How in the world could this be good? If you don’t own a house, or even live under a rock, you know how effected our economy is by the housing market in Tampa Bay. Ok, so here it goes. I grab my tissues and make a call to Pam Pampenella of Future Home Realty. Ready to hear a sob story, I quickly put the tissue down and picked up a pen! Pam created a consistent brand with an outstanding plan and the awareness necessary to recover from the plunging market. She never mentioned getting clients as a concern. Her biggest challenge was time. Yes, I was perplexed also, but 50% of it is spent on educating herself and keeping up with current market situations. She gives clients the service and honesty they deserve. She relies on her faith and knows the importance of including a useful website, being personable, and working hard to follow through. Her letters from clients prove that she lives by her words, “No matter what your business is, we should all have the passion to excel, the desire to learn and most important, the heart to serve.” Houses are still selling folks. Chin up and make sure you have a savvy realtor.

The common thread among these businesses was a distinctive reprofitizing(TM) vision. A necessity was dazzling customer service with a joyful morale. No one was doing it alone. Consultants, partners and educators paved the way. These business owners refuse anything short of success by using their own creative plans to Stop the Plunge, reprofitize(TM) their bottom lines and “Build your TRUSTed Brand”.

The Plunge Bunged

The Plunge Bunged