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With many different credit cards offering alternate perks and benefits, credit card companies have become innovative creative with their reward and incentive programs. Today, there are credit cards that cater to driving enthusiasts, food connoisseurs, music lovers and holiday makers to name a few specialties. Now, American Express has gone one step further with their IN: LA Card.

Specifically catered for people with good credit, the American Express IN: LA card is just one of the three American Express INSIDE Reward cards. Other cards in this product range include the IN: NY and IN: CHICAGO American Express cards.

The program awards one reward point for every dollar spent on general purchases. Purchases that include newspapers, magazine subscriptions, cable and dial-up ISP subscriptions, cell phone services and even movies and dining are aptly named 'City Essentials'. For these purchases, double reward points are awarded. How fantastic is that? These points can then be redeemed for all kinds of benefits and experiences such as airline tickets, hotel stays and dining in Los Angeles, New York City or Chicago. The best part about these points is that they never expire and there are no yearly limits or maximum limits.

That's not the end of it, though. American Express also offers members the Tuesdays IN: LA program, where cardholders are entitled to a 10% discount at selected retail outlets, spas and health clubs each Tuesday. What's more, cardholders also enjoy the privilege of priority access and VIP room access at clubs along with lowered charges for museums and concerts. The card also has the standard gamut of benefits such as auto and travel insurance, fraud protection and the like.

While it may be the norm for us to expect some glaring disadvantages of a credit card that offers so many alluring benefits, this is not evident with the IN: LA Card from American Express. It is a surprise then that the interest rates are relatively low for a reward card with no annual fees charged. For the first six months of membership, there are no interest charges for purchases and balances transfers.

With all these perks, the American Express IN: LA Card is an ideal city-living credit card particularly for those who reside in Los Angeles.

The Lowdown on the American Express IN: LA Card

The Lowdown on the American Express IN: LA Card