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American Express Bank has launched for the frequent Costco Shopper a specialty card, named the TrueEarnings from Costco and American Express. Equipped with this very beneficial card, you will enjoy great money back offers, especially on purchases you make at the Costco. Besides, the TrueEarnings from Costco and American Express also serves as an ideal personal card – meeting your personal needs right from business to dining, shopping and travel needs.

The Key Features

The TrueEarnings from Costco and American Express Card offers a 0 percent introductory annual percentage rate (APR). This facility is available for the first three months and is applicable on both purchases and balance transfers.

With the expiration of the first three months, the APR then changes to 17.24 percent. But since the APR is variable it can fluctuate according to the change of the prime rate, to which the APR is tied. The program's terms and conditions will enable you to calculate the APR precisely and easily.

The Rewards Program

The TrueEarnings from Costco and American Express Card gets you 1 percent cash back if you use the card at Costco. You also earn 3 percent for using the card at any restaurant or for placing orders for home delivery. Again, if you use the card for airline tickets, car rentals, cruises and hotels, then you can bag 2 percent cash back. Online purchases using the Costco website is also rewarded with cash-back.

The card also helps you to have easy access to the OPENSM, which is a small business team from the American Express. Your OPENSM connection will help you gather necessary information like online expense management reports, savings at FedEx, Hertz and other information about your business.

The other benefits offered by the card incorporate automatic savings with partners when using the card to purchase long distance services, car rentals, shipping services and many more.

The Costco members can avail homeowners insurance services, loans and credit from OPEN, and also financial planning services.

Since the card does not hold any minimal limit to how much you can spend to receive your cash back, so you can earn as much as you want.

The Other Advantages Of The Card

The card offers a sea of ​​benefits, which are truly trustworthy and very lucrative. The card provides coverage for theft, loss or damage, purchase warranty, emergency card replacement, travel accident insurance for up to 100,000 in accidental death. The coverage for the loss is applicable for the first thirty days for renting an auto from the car rental company. With this card, you can also have access to your account online and view the up-to-date billing information like transaction, charges and payments.

The Key Features And Advantages Of TrueEarnings from Costco and American Express

The Key Features And Advantages Of TrueEarnings from Costco and American Express