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Citibank offers two supreme cards to the Australian market that come with great benefits: The Gold and Silver cards. Each card comes with its own benefits but the two cards offer a plethora of benefits by themselves that make them highly sought after by card holders anywhere in the nation. The Gold and Silver credit cards offer great rewards, a free pass on the annual fee for the entire first year and a low interest rate on both balance transfers and purchases. Going with the Gold or Silver card by Citibank is a great way to capture some of the best purchasing incentives in Australia. Let’s look a little closer at the two cards:

The Gold card by Citibank is the more prestigious of the two cards, as it comes with a higher potential credit limit and more financial flexibility. Just by owning the Gold card you are automatically enrolled in the free rewards program. It costs nothing to be enrolled and each time you make a purchase with the card you will have points automatically transferred into your Qantas frequent flyer account. As a matter of fact, each dollar you spend on your card at any retailer will translate into one rewards point, which also counts as one frequent flyer point. Plus, as stated above, the Citibank Gold card comes with a credit line of up to $25,000 (while it will depend highly on your personal credit history). Such a high credit limit gives card holders financial flexibility and a larger purchasing power than most other cards.

The Silver card by Citibank offers much of the same in terms of rewards as the Gold card. Every dollar you put on the card translates into 1 frequent flyer point, and the best part is, it happens automatically. There is no need to jump through hoops to try and get your points transferred from your card to your frequent flyer account because it just happens automatically. In fact, Citibank makes it extremely easy for card holders to redeem their points for flights. There are no ‘time period’ lapses where you need to use your points because they never expire. You can redeem your points today and fly tomorrow if you would like.

Citibank’s Gold and Silver credit cards give Australian residents the chance to use a high quality credit card with no risk involved. The Gold and Silver cards by Citibank; where convenience meets rewards.

The Gold and Silver Credit Cards by Citibank Offer a Full Range of Benefits

The Gold and Silver Credit Cards by Citibank Offer a Full Range of Benefits