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The Citibank is one of the leading banks in the world and is a proud member of the Citibank Incorporation. The Citibank offers a myriad of services in the form of Citicards, which are very beneficial. Understanding the need of the small business owners, the Citibank presented the CitiBusiness Card with Thank You Network.

The card gives you an easy way to reimburse all the bills and gain for your efforts. With this card, you can enjoy discounts from the retailers and online merchants within the network. The card also offers you 1 million dollar in travel accident insurance for you and your family.

The Key Features Of The Citibusiness Card

As a small business owner, you can benefit immensely by using the CitiBusiness Card with Thank You Network. The card enables you to earn points, which you can trade in for travel, retail and for other gift certificates. The credit line permitted by the card is very beneficial for your business, as you can purchase many items on credit with the help of this card.

The card charges no annual fees – no application fee, reload fee or participation fee. The initial twelve-month period is a great savings’ period as the APR is 0 percent. The regular annual percentage rate on this card is 14.24 percent, which again is considerably low for a card with such rewards. You can also get unlimited employee credit cards with individual credit limits.

The card not only enables you to buy all the necessary items for your business, but also rewards you for the toil and labor you put into your business. The card rewards are based on bonus points. Equipped with the card, you can earn 3 points for each dollar you spend. Annually you can earn up to 100000 points, which are valid for three years.

You can redeem these points for traveling, vacations, retail/online purchases and even for buying gift certificates.

The Other Benefits And Perks

The other benefits of the CitiBusiness Card with Thank You Network incorporate auto rental insurance, travel insurance, fraud protection and other similar advantages. You can also visit the Citibank website for more information.

The card is unequalled for its fraud and security protection measures – providing you with identify theft solutions and purchase protection options. You can also make emergency cash replacement or emergency card replacement. Equipped with this card you will not be liable for unauthorized transaction.

The CitiBusiness Card with Thank You Network provides you access to many Internet account related services such as quarterly and end of the year financial statements, automatic bill payments, lost and stolen card reporting, etc. A true personal business assistant, it also assists you with medical as well as legal referral services, a number of travel and emergency assistant services and many more facilities.

The Details Of CitiBusiness Card With Thank You Network

The Details Of CitiBusiness Card With Thank You Network