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Have you been trapped so long in your credit card debt that you can't see that there is a way to live without this debt? This article focuses on the "obama debt relief act" and lets you know what you qualify for.

The debt relief act lets Americans get rid of the past due balances they have when they just aren't sure how to do it. The stimulus package allows the credit relief act to erase a portion of your bad debt. You can only erase this portion if you have over ten thousand dollars of debt that is behind in payments. If you don't qualify for the credit card relief act then you can call credit counselors that are more than capable of helping you with past due balances.

Fact: The "Obama debt relief act" became a very popular term after the stimulus bill was released in 2009 after many of your creditors were bailed out. Consumers began to coin this term because many card holders who had over $ 10,000 in debt are now able to drastically reduce the amount of money they had to pay.

Fact: Credit is and never will be your friend, companies profit and make their living by putting consumers in debt and they cover this up with clever advertising strategies and "rewards".

You really want to take advantage of as much help as you can to help get your finances in order.

There are billions and billions of dollars that the banking industry and also the automotive industries were given to help them survive. If there was a bankruptcy with these companies then other countries may have had to step up in order to straighten out the economic situation.

Fact: A card balance of just $ 10,000 will take 40 years to pay down if you only make the minimum payment.

If you feel like your whole life is revolving around your debts then you do really need to look into this program. To find out how much you can erase is free and there are a ton of companies who are willing and able to help you. You don't want to be left behind because other people have taken advantage of this opportunity but you never even tried.

You can find a way to ethically and legally reduce the bad debt from your credit profile. You can live a life without worrying all the time about money. You need to take the first steps and apply today to get the benefit of these programs that have reduced millions of debts.

The "Debt Relief Act" – Legally and Ethically Reduce Your Credit Card Debt

The "Debt Relief Act" - Legally and Ethically Reduce Your Credit Card Debt