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There’s a new company in pre-launch right now called The Customer Advantage. This is an unbiased review of this new company and is a great concept based on a similar model as Groupon and Living Social, which offer huge discount coupons at various popular places people shop at. But can this be a stable, growing income for those who want to build it as a primary business? I’m not sure. It could, depending on the person. But I love the concept of it as a free program with great word of mouth possibilities, and there could be a bright future for this company based on the referring business model and product.

A Proven Product, Combined With A Proven Business Model

The founder of The Customer Advantage, John Milanoski created this company because he saw a vision. There are already 2 very popular new companies promoting the same type of product – Groupon and Living Social, and they are having tremendous success with rapid growth. But those 2 companies are based on the more “traditional” business model, with office buildings, lots of employees, and high overhead. Even with that traditional business model, those 2 companies are having the kind of success most companies dream of.

But, what if you could take a much better, and more effective “non-traditional” business model, which is already proven to have faster growth with much lower overhead? That business model is network, or referral marketing. This model is based on word of mouth advertising, and rewards people for referring others. It’s a win/win situation for both the company and the people. If Groupon and Living Social are having the kind of success they are having from word of mouth, with no incentives for the people doing the referring, imagine how The Customer Advantage will grow when people have a huge incentive for referring others to a great product which will save them 50% on things they might already buy? You already do word of mouth marketing every day, even with Groupon and Living Social. Why not get paid for doing it? Brilliant idea by John Milanoski.

Now, I am not with this company, and I am not promoting it. So this is an unbiased review based on my experience and knowledge in the network marketing industry for the past 6 years.

How Does The Customer Advantage Work?

It’s very simple. You basically sign up for free, and you will start receiving free 50% off coupons to local shops, restaurants, spas, gyms, movies, etc. There will be new offers from new places every time. The local retailer will be saving a lot of money from advertising, and in turn can pass those savings onto you. The Customer Advantage will constantly be searching for new retailers who want more business. It’s a win/win situation for the retailers, The Customer Advantage, and all of its members as well. In the bad economy we are in today, and in the future, this type of product and business model will have success. Retailers will be able to profit from this service tremendously because of the savings on advertising and the new customers they will get.

Every new member of The Customer Advantage will also receive a free marketing website of their own to promote and refer others to as well. This will be connected to them, and they will get credit for referring the person who signs up from their website. And based on the network marketing business model, they have incentives for building a good referring team as well, with overrides 5 levels deep. There may be more overrides as well. But I am not totally sure yet.

Can This Be a Stable Primary Business and Income?

That part, I’m not too sure. The reason I say that is, there isn’t a stable monthly purchase required from each member. And being a free to join program, the quality of team members sponsored (if you are building it as a serious business) may not be a good. You definitely will get a lot of “tire-kickers” and people just curious about what kinds of coupons and savings they will receive. And if you start referring a lot of people, which will be easier because of the free sign up, your income will be up and down each month depending on the purchases. I think this could be a very good secondary source of income for a lot of people.

Also, to become very successful in this type of business model, you need very good training and support. Most people are not conditioned to work for themselves, and will need to change in mindset and a drive to become successful. You need to learn how find qualified people for your business, and “weed” out the bad ones. We teach and train how to do that, and help network marketers generate leads for their businesses.

The Customer Advantage Review, Great Concept

The Customer Advantage Review, Great Concept