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Believe it or not, there are a lot of business credit card offers available for you to choose from. Whether you are an owner of a legitimate yet a small business or if you are a corporate executive who needs to have all the expenses of his company on the right track, a business credit card is definitely perfect for you.

The following are some of the business credit card that you could choose from as according to your needs and preferences.

The Platinum Advanta Rewards

This is a business credit card that comes with an APR of zero percent particularly for balance transfers that are for fifteen months. After which, the APR is then fixed at a 7.99%. There is also a choice of a five percent travel reward or cash back, whichever you would find appealing.

For this business credit card Platinum Advanta, there is no annual fee however one needs to have good credit in order to apply.

The business credit card CitiBusiness

For this particular type of business credit card, any purchases made or even balance transfers within twelve months have zero percent APR. This offer comes with no fee for the balance transfer. There is also no annual fee for this CitiBusiness card.

Believe it or not, these business credit card allows unlimited credit cards to its employees along with particular limits on the credit which you could set. Summaries of the business credit card accounts are provided both annually and quarterly. There is also a live 24/7 customer service ready to assist you as well as online assistance and access when you need it.

Again, in order to apply, CitBusiness credit card require one to have good standing on his credit.

Business credit card American Express

Another business credit card is provided by American Express' Gold Business Reward card. The annual fee for the first year is absolutely free and you get to save one hundred and twenty five dollars. Also, American Express business credit card offers discounts from services provided by FedEx, Marriott or Delta.

Points could also be redeemed for ay of the rewards in the top-tier which includes merchandise, travel or even equipments for the office. Gift cards are also included which you could offer for yourself or the employees you have.

Again, for such a classy business credit card, one needs to have good credit standing in order to apply.

Business credit card Platinum

Take note that this business credit card is also from the classy American Express. It also offers zero percent APR for the initial twelve months. The difference for this card however is that one has the option in enrolling to a membership to the free fee program rewards. One is also provided with additional business credit cards for free, this means the absence of an annual fee.

Also, just like American Express, there are discounts provided for Delta, FedEx and Mariott among others. Again, one needs to have good standing in his credit to be able to apply.

All in all, these are but a few of the available business credit card offers out there. They all have various features and benefits that may be – or may not be – to your liking. Remember that the perfect business credit card is one that fits your lifestyle, your preference as well as your needs. Choose wisely.

Select a Business Credit Card Offer that is Right for You

Select a Business Credit Card Offer that is Right for You