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You and your group would have engaged professional expertise and the next move is to make a decision as what to implement, how to implement it, when to implement it, and how to spend implementing it, where to advertise and the return vs. cost of implementation.

What I have suggested is to follow the team work procedures of forming, norming, storming and performing your way to integrate, innovate, rejuvenate and re-introduce a select product or service.

The Joint Venture Approach Works Best

Using the joint venture approach to achieve premier success is recommended as it complements the “Brain and Brain Combination”, this method that capitalizes on the widest scope possible concept used to bring highly anticipated solution to life, adding value to the final user experience.

If you are not sure how you intend to share the profits (if any) then it’s only fair you offered an acceptable Terms of Agreement between members as the apportioning of all risks and rewards of contributing various resources to the Project. Besides, as an example one thousand members within a forum that helped to bring to existence a viable option to the consumer that can earn a potential income of

Five million dollars a year, an average of Fifty Thousand Dollars per member shouldn’t resent the idea of sharing the rewards equitably. There might be those among you that are satisfied with a one off payment for services offered.

Marketing Your Innovation

Marketing your niche idea to the rest of us should be easy as your forum members would have tested and benefited from use of the service or product and therefore are qualified to offer expert opinions, offer product reviews, highlight the benefits and encourage thoughts and feed-back from others.

At the end of implementation of the project forum members should invite other members in as end users preferably at a discount, therefore making special offers to members in other forums to try out that new e-book, download that new software and use that new online tool then recommend it to other demand groups as an affiliate is, right on the money.

Everyone within your group should market your innovation using the informal, up close and personal approach first: ask people close to you to join up and help sell your innovation, they in turn should bring in others close to them as well, creating a well thought out viral approach.

It is far much easier to have an associate, acquaintance, friend or relative use their credit cards than to make this offer to others you don’t know. This technique is known as inter-personal networking, you network to those who know you and encourage them to network to others who know them.

Conclusion and Other Matters

I believe the foregoing as discussed is the right approach because it allows the relevant personnel to be involved at the start of the project. Your project would have facilitated and included the following sequences: create an idea, invite others to develop your ideas, research and evaluate scope and impact of enacting your idea, plan required expertise and critical resources, allocate resources, invite independent input from the experts, engage the technologist, test and evaluate end user experience, finalize your decision, implement product, get feed-back, correct loops and glitches to enhance the user experience, monitor and control output, update product, monitor economic life cycle, innovate, integrate, rejuvenate and re-introduce…

The above cycle might take weeks, months and in many instances years to complete. Your group might finally become multi-faceted and able to undertake multiple projects and hire wider expertise.

Your group could possible increase from as little as three members to thirty thousand all contributing to the wealth and success of the individual member. Will you take up the challenge?

Secret To Your Success Online – How To Start-Up Your Mini-Empire – Part 2

Secret To Your Success Online - How To Start-Up Your Mini-Empire - Part 2