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Oh No! Is it really that time of year already?

You know … resolutions time!

That time of year where we must yank ourselves up by our own bootstraps, shake off the dust of the year left behind, and get serious.

But, get serious about what? Okay, so yes, it's been weeks, if not months of over indulging, over eating, over imbibing, and excess. Most likely it began with all that Halloween candy which led right into Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years Eve!

Now, here I stand, in the new year wondering where those extra pounds came from, why I feel so tired, and YOWZA, how did my credit card balance get so high ?!

My life's a mess – oh, and sheesh, one look around and so is my home!

Yep! It's time to get control of things and stop kidding myself. But, gosh, the list is a long one … where, oh where, do I begin?

Eat better?
Exercise more?
Spend less?
Save more?
Better self care?
Read more?
Cut down on smoking / alcohol?
Get organized and declutter?
Learn a new skill?
Find a better job?
Find true love?

It seems only fitting, does it, that with the new year, there needs to be a new me, too ?!

And, with the flip of the calendar, from one month to the next, somehow I must get myself to perfection. Okay, maybe not perfection, but at least closer to healthy, prosperous, organized, and out of debt.

So, I'll make a list, add affirmations to that list to insure success. Set my intentions clearly, and, oh yes, set my clock earlier, too, to insure I get up and get started.

Toss out all those cookies, candies, and half opened bottles of booze, and make a long grocery list of healthy foods to buy.

Sit down and put together a smart financial plan for the year. Cut up my credit cards so I stop using them – oh, but wait a minute, I might need those for emergencies. Let's not get too hasty.

Go to the store and buy storage bins and shelves so as to get all that clutter off the floor and organized in some manner.

Surely this is doable, isn't it?

But, let's get real. For the majority of us, this approach is a set up for failure – Massive failure. And, along with that failure is any chance that something truly important to you could happen.

So, let's get real. Who wants to be part of the statistic that says … 80 percent of people don't even make it to the end of March before going back to their old ways.

Not me. No thank you!

How about we take the sage guidance from someone who knows how we humans tick. After all, this guy has spent a lifetime studying why we succeed, and why we fail. He's known for his critical examination and frequent debunking of unusual phenomena and has studied the principles of good and bad luck.

Here's what he suggests is the best approach to making, keeping and achieving those much desired resolutions.

Prof Wiseman's top 10 tips to achieve your New Year's resolution:
Only make one resolution
Don't wait until New Year's Eve to set your goal
Don't attempt previously failed resolutions
Don't base your goal on what everyone else is doing
Break your goal into a series of time-based steps
Tell your friends and family what you're aiming tor
Regularly remind yourself of the benefits
Give yourself small rewards for achieving each step
Make your plans and your progress concrete by writing them down
Expect to have small set-backs, and don't make those a reason to give up altogether
And, let me add a bonus tip – Let's call it Joan's sage guidance from years of doing it wrong – MAKE A DECISION, NOT A RESOLUTION.

Anything you wish to achieve must begin with that … A decision.

Let's Not Be the 80% Who Fail

Let's Not Be the 80% Who Fail