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HSBC credit cards, just like the HDFC credit cards, offer the finest and opulent lifestyle to its cardholders. Every card holder can access premium ranges of services and places, as every range of credit card promises good things of life. No wonder, why these cards have drawn their own niche in the market of credit cards. Users of HSBC cards enjoy ease of accessibility, abundance of special offers, increase in purchasing power and also easy plans for repayments. Besides these features, credit cards facilitate cardholders with myriad redemption programs, rewards on card transactions. Users are also entitled with gifts and special privileges that are associated to brand names like Jet Airways and Westside to name a few beside making use of services such as fuel surcharge, repayment check pick-up services, attractive deals on shopping, travel cash back etc .

As we all have different needs, wishes and whims, our cards should also be tailor-made to complement them as well and they should correspond to our respective repaying capability, too. HSBC credit cards are mainly classified into four major groups which are Classic, Gold, Platinum, and Co-branded credit cards. HSBC Platinum credit cards are intended to cater to those people who are focused to get the finest things of life. If you are also looking forward to enter into the world of premium class experience, then this card is awaiting to offer you access to the finest lifestyle. Look up to obtain an opulent lifestyle with very best of traveling, finest dining experience, lavish leisure, expensive health check ups and wellness program. In a nutshell, this Platinum credit card is made to ensure cardholders with no needs to compromise with lesser than the best. Moreover, the Platinum card holders enjoy special tariffs at the top class and plush hotels around the world while traveling including Le 'Meridien Hotels, Ista Hotels. They can also hire the premium cars on tour like Hertz to enjoy lavish sightseeing, get discounts on booking through leading travel site, that is known to offer its patrons with test drive on finest cars like Porsche, Ferrari etc. Other additional benefits include exclusive redemption catalog to redeem points on top layer brands such as Omega, Tag Heur etc., cheaper interest rates, enhanced rewards program, attractive welcome gifts etc.

Another exclusive range of HSBC credit cards come with the HSBC Gold credit card. This version of credit card is made to provide with a host of alluring privileges. This card also entitles its users with a special benefit, known as Shopping Deal Ready Reckoners. Through this plan, the users can get into a world of fascinating deals on shopping that are accessible in all the main metros and cities in India including Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Pune. Besides all these, the users are also entitled to usual advantages like zero percent fuel surcharge, lower interest rates, travel cash back etc.

Rewards and benefits that are adhered to these HSBC credit cards include great range of redemption plans which are available on using cards for garments and accessories, home appliances, cosmetics, gift vouchers, monetary contributions to charities, airlines etc. Gold card holders are also entitled to special life insurance coverage of Rs. 40,000 from TATA AIG insurance company on non-accidental demise of users. Moreover HSBC credit cards offer add on cards for three people for anyone of your family from spouse, brothers and sisters, parents and children. HSBC Classic credit cards are entitled to an assortment of money saving benefits along with some value added benefits. This Classic credit card is convertible into an EMI card on exceeding the purchase amount of Rs. 5,000 using this credit card and this EMI facility is only a single phone call away from cardholders. By converting Classic card into an EMI card, usual 2.95% interests gets reduced to only 1.5 percent against the total amount. To be precise, these HSBC credit cards are tickets to opulence and optimum services for people coming from diverse walks of life.

HSBC Credit Cards – Extend Power to Purchase & Flexibility of Payments

HSBC Credit Cards - Extend Power to Purchase & Flexibility of Payments