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The great thing about a modern society is that we keep track of everything and numbers never lie. You can literally tell the future by studying the numbers. As a child looking at the various statistics you can make decisions that will lead you down the path of doom or glory. Based on statistics a child can know if they take drugs what type of life they are likely to have. Or if they play sports what type of health they will have later in life. If they drop out of school and so on.

It's a fact that the majority of people die broke by the age of 65 with nothing to leave for their children. These parents unwillingly force their children to suffer the same fate as they did. They say 99% of the wealth is concentrated within 1% of the population.

The average college student in the United States graduates $ 27,000 in debt. The overwhelming majority of college graduates go get a job to work for someone else. 99.9% of college students living in free market economies receive less than an hour's worth of instruction in how to successfully operate their own enterprise within a free enterprise economy. In the United States 95% of all new businesses fail. 34% of older Americans must use credit cards to pay for basic living expenses, such as mortgage payments, groceries and utilities with an average credit card debt of amount $ 8,000. The average Social Security check in the US is $ 1,230 a month.

Anyone with an honest eye looking into these numbers would come to the conclusion that, based on the numbers, most people will not make it in America, which has been towering beacon of the free market system.

What if we looked children of free market economies in their little bright eyes and actually told them the truth. If we did, it would sound something like this: Son, you will graduate from college in debt, wait six months to find your first job, after working until age 65 you still won't have enough savings to pay for life after retirement, so you will have to depend on social security, if it's still available and, since that's not enough, you will have to turn to credit cards to make up the difference. You will then proceed to die broke with nothing to leave for their children. This is exactly how not to make it in a free market economy but this is exactly what children of free market societies are taught to do.

Free market systems are not what they used to be and certainly not what they promote themselves to be. In actuality, the average person sucks at entrepreneurship, and are quick to work for someone else, even though the numbers show that's a road that leads to early death while broke and in poor health.

Recently, because of the bad global economy and resulting high unemployment rate people are being forced into self-employment. That's right, forced! Resulting in the number of people who primarily work for themselves to increase to a whopping 14% of the American work-aged population, for example.

What happened here, where did free market economies go wrong? Did it go wrong? The Americas and the Caribbean was created as a free enterprise society. Even the ships that first sailed to the Atlantic coast did so in the name of commerce. The people came to "the west" for opportunities that were not available in their homeland, they wanted to escape, being second class citizens to royal families who owned all the land and taxed them to hell. They came here to find free enterprise, opportunity and no matter the cost they wanted to make it.

So what changed? When did people lose their way to make it? Well, in the mid 1800s the industrial revolution began. Prior to that skilled labor was done by skilled tradesmen, who were obviously self-employed, or slaves, who were obviously forced. Either way there was only one way to get work done, a human or animal had to do it. But with the dawn of the industrial revolution there came a third way to get work done – machines.

With machines and the development of factories, the economic leverage moved from slave to machine and as a result changed America from an agriculture-based economy into an industry-based economy. To capitalize on this new technology, the industrialists needed educated people to run the factories, operate the machines, fix, build and maintain the technologies.

These industrialists such as John Pierpont Morgan (JP Morgan), the American financier and industrial organizer; Andrew Carnegie (steel); and John D. Rockefeller (oil) played an important role in the development of a public school system that would prepare a workforce for this new economy.

This public school system was designed in such as way as to create spokes in a wheel rather than full bicycles. So men whose fathers were self employed small business owners (plumbers, ranchers, butchers, blacksmiths and so on) were now simply workers employed by big consolidated industrial companies that ate them up and spit them out, while creating barons of industries and millionaires, while Leaving the worker never to make much more than the living expenses of his family and to retire penniless much as they do today.

This breaking of the free enterprise system into what we have now caused a permanent change in the enterprising spirit of regular people, resulting in them adopting the belief that you must work hard for money. If it's easy, then it must be too good to be true and other self limiting beliefs that literally make people frown on opportunities to be self made, to take chances and, when they do try, to they fail miserably because they were never taught the skills to succeed.

Besides all the benefits that come with self employment and all the numbers that show what will happen if you go to school, work for someone else for the rest of your life, people still think that it takes money to make money, when all it really takes is ideas, drive, determination and consistency.

Even the American tax system is written for people taking advantage of the free enterprise system by creating businesses and opportunities. These tax advantages are called tax loopholes by employees who refuse to participate in the free market system. There are nearly 500 tax deductions for business and self-employed individuals that can result in thousands of dollars going into your lifestyle rather than to the IRS if you simply participate in the free market system.

Many people are scared to try their hand at a business of their own they don't feel confident in their ability, ideas or resources to make their business a success. If you are one of these people, one of the best way to overcome all your shortcomings is by using a franchise system.

Most franchise systems, such as McDonalds franchise for instance, charge you up to ten times the average annual profit as a start-up fee. So, for example, the average annual profit for a McDonalds is about $ 200,000, which means if you wanted to buy a McDonalds restaurant you would need a start up fee of about $ 2,000,000.

But don't let that discourage you, there are other start-up franchises. One of the most cost effective options are network marketing, multi-level marketing companies. Now these companies always get a bad rap. Millions of Americans try some sort of MLM every year and millions are currently involved in the network / multilevel marketing industry. The success percentage for MLM businesses is not any better or worse than any other form of start-up business. But the risk to reward is often much better with a MLM business opportunity than other types of start-up businesses.

The main problem is that people think MLM is an industry of easy-riches, when the reality it is just as dismal as any other form of business, depending on who you are, what type of skills you have, and your level of dedication – – basically the same keys to success as any other form of business. One of the keys to success in home business is the four things every prospect needs: daily cash flow, fresh leads daily, a duplicatable information process, and sales training.

Sales is about communication, sales is about listening more and talking less, sales is about understanding your prospects or customers' needs. Sales is about being consistent with your follow-up. Sales is about being able to ask for the sale – you have to be comfortable asking people to put up money.

The main advantages of any home based business, especially MLM, network marketing or affiliate marketing opportunities is they are literally a business-in-a-box with unlimited income potential, offer control over your time, low start-up costs, low risk to reward and they are a great lifestyle business.

So, have I scared you away yet? I hope not. I am inviting you to visit my blog to learn about the various business models that are available to enterprising entrepreneurs and wantrepreneurs in the new technology driven economy.

How to Make It in a Free Market Economy

How to Make It in a Free Market Economy