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There are three main ways in which to reduce the amount you spend on your airfare. If you follow these three simple strategies, you could get as much as a 90% saving without wasting time. These strategies are simple, which is why most people over look them. This is how to get cheap flights.

The first is to use a credit card with reward points that enable you to build your reserve of frequent flyer miles. There are many credit cards on offer so choose the right one for you. However, generally speaking, most people are able to obtain a round-trip international ticket every three months or so. If you are not travelling alone, then look at the added extras some of these cards offer. For example, when using a British Airways American Express credit card and you redeem your air miles on a British Airways flight you may be entitled to receive another ticket for a companion for the same flight.

The next simple way to get cheap travel is to purchase tickets 3-4 months in advance or at the very last minute. An empty seat is of no value to the airline once the plane has taken off, so real last minute seats are extremely cheap. Aiming to depart and return between Tuesday and Thursday could also save you money. This is because prices of tickets fluctuate day to day. Airlines have done research and discovered that most people buy tickets early in the week, and the busiest ticket-buying day is a Tuesday. With so many people booking tickets on a particular day, it forces Airline prices to be more competitive, thus forcing prices down. After Thursday prices start to sore because the airlines have to account for all of the potential money lost from the cheap flights sold earlier in the week.

The final option is to break up your journey. Quite often flying to an international airline hub and then to your destination is cheaper than getting a direct flight. It is important to make your first stop an international hub, as this will offer the widest range of connecting flights to most places worldwide. Following that, look at local airlines for the best prices, they often have the capacity to offer the best deals as most of them only require payment for fuel and taxes.

Hope that helps you get cheap flights! Happy flying!

How to Get Cheap Flights

How to Get Cheap Flights