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Looking over your best credit card offer requires scrutiny when it comes to the fine details put forth in the disclosure. Most consumers look at the introductory interest rate first, and then go to the other benefits. Rarely do they check the zero annual fee. Recently, many companies have been eliminating the annual fee for customers with excellent credit.

What you should know is seldom discussed. The great offers on credit cards often indicated that there is no annual fee. Yet others charge as much as $ 500 annual fee for the privilege of using the benefits associated with the card. Are the benefits worth it? If you are the general consumer with excellent credit and have the need for a card without any fluff than most Visa, MasterCard or standard American Express work equally well. You can charge and pay off the balance when the bill arrives at a lower interest rate than most cards

O% APR forever!

However, if your lifestyle requires something more unique than perhaps the American Express Platinum card will have more to offer. With an annual fee of $ 450, you have the privilege of a personal assistant who will " … buy … gifts to making reservations, the Concierge is at your service so you can spend your energy doing what you want." In addition, there is Premium Travel Assistance, access to The First Collection which includes luxury rewards; Airport Club Access on most carriers, and no preset spending limit. There is also zero percent interest on the balance since you are required to pay off your account in full each month. And you get double points on gas and groceries for the first year.

Reward Accounts

American Express and Discovery are both credit card companies – that's their business and they attach rewards to their credit card uniformly. Visa and Master Card are associated with banks, financial institutions or department stores. Each individual institution sets their own rewards program. In addition, the airlines, cruise lines, Disney and most hotel chains offer another type of reward. Many of these cards have no annual fee depending on the interest rate and the amount of rewards included. To find a great charge card offer, you need to first decide what it is you are looking for in the way of rewards – mileage, hotel stays, gifts etc. The more rewards you get the higher the annual fee for the privilege of using that special account offer. However, the best credit cards are those that meet the needs of each individual from 0% APR to tickets for special events. Knowing as much as possible about the details and terms of your card is your best way to eliminate annual fees.

How to Eliminate Annual Fees For Credit Cards?

How to Eliminate Annual Fees For Credit Cards?