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Let me start by asking you a few questions under the categories "who are you" and "what are your challenges". Are you a disgruntled veteran MLMer who's spinning his wheels and not making any money (and not making friends either)? Are you a fledging home business builder struggling with the whole marketing thing and losing sleep wondering if you'll ever make enough money to pay off the credit cards you've maxed out with marketing and training expenses? Or are you a newbie on the Internet looking for a way to generate income but totally confused by all the offers available to you (90% of which is garbage)?

If those are your challenges, you're not alone. There are millions (yes, MILLIONS!) Like you out there right now. I understand your situation because I used to be in it too.

Still, most people persist in pursuing the dream of financial independence and time freedom. Why are YOU doing it? Is it because you want to escape the rat race and have more control over your life? Or you want a nicer car, a bigger house, spend more time with the family, or golfing, or gardening?

If the aforementioned challenges and rewards describe you, even remotely, cheer up. I have some valuable information on this page (and in my other articles in this article directory) that will help you choose your first (and last) home based business opportunity (if you're new), or might help you replace the one that's just not working for you.

There are two diametrically-opposed solutions to overcoming the challenges mentioned above; I call them the "stupid" and the "stupendous". The stupid solution looks like this: work harder, spend more money on marketing and training tools, buy more MLM leads, attend more meetings, think more positive thoughts, make more calls, read more self-help books. Does this sound familiar? I call it the stupid solution because following those recommendations will only lead you to more frustration, more wasted time and energy, and to getting you deeper in the hole.

Listen to this great advice form Dan S. Kennedy, one of the most successful, most trusted marketing gurus on the planet (from his must-read book How to Succeed in Business by Breaking ALL the Rules): "They say that winners never quit , quitters never win. My advice; Quit! The first step to getting out of a hole is to stop digging! "

He goes on to say, "Setting goals is, generally speaking, a productive thing to do. Certainly, having a vision of where you want to go in life (your" WHY ") is important. But too often, people get too nitpicky in micro-defining how they'll get there, thus excluding all sorts of great opportunities and sticking themselves with having to summon up huge amounts of persistence to get to a goal the hard way even if an easier path presents itself. "

So what's the stupendous solution? Find an easier path. Am I suggesting that you stop searching for a legitimate, profitable home based business opportunity and start looking for something else entirely? Of course not. Home business opportunities have great potential (the legitimate ones anyway). You just have to find one that's "an easier path". I did, and my life will never be the same ever again. (To find out how I turned my business around, read my article entitled Home Based Business Opportunity: How I was Saved by the System.)

There are SO many income opportunities available out there-how will you know if the one you're doing (or about to choose) represents an easier, more doable path? Simple. The most important piece of the home business puzzle is the Marketing System you will use to grow your business. Not the company, not the product, not the comp plan, not even your upline or the training. Yes, all those things play a part. But THE key to (finally) succeeding is the system. System; That's what the capital "S" in Success stands for.

Pay close attention to the following 26 words published recently by Entrepreneur magazine as they have the potential to change your life for the better: "95% of people fail when they start a new business without a system. However, 95% of people succeed when they start a business with a system. "

Those of you old enough to remember the classic movie The Graduate (1967, with Dustin Hoffman-his first major role-and Anne Bancroft) can recall that memorable scene where an astute businessman gives Dustin Hoffman a great word of advice that will make him rich if he follows it. What's the word? PLASTICS. "The future is in plastics" the tycoon advises.

Well, if in 1967 the magic word was plastics, the magic word in 2008 (if you want to make it big in a home business) is SYSTEM! Building your business (any business, really) using a great Marketing System IS the stupendous solution to overcoming your current challenges. Or your future challenges if you've not started yet. You will have them, trust me on this. And trust Jay Kubassek, a millionaire Network Marketer who recently observed that "95% of home business owners struggle because they don't have a Marketing System that actually works!"

To achieve success, you NEED to have a Marketing System that works. That's a given. Now, if you want to explode your business and achieve tremendous success, make sure you have a dynamite Marketing System (pun intended). Now, it might be useful for you to know what a "dynamite" Marketing System looks like and what it does FOR you. Especially if you want to be able to determine whether the home business opportunity you're about to choose, or the one you're currently struggling with, offers such a System. To help you remember, I've turned the word into the acronym SYSTEM:

S = Self-funding

At a minimum, the Marketing System should be affordable (maximum monthly cost: $ 50). Unless, of course, the System is self-funding, which it should be. That means when people join the System under you, you'll earn a monthly residual income as long as they keep using that System. This way, not only will you get to use the Marketing System for "free" when you've enrolled enough people (you shouldn't need more than five) but it could generate revenue that you can re-invest in marketing.

Y = You-less

You are OUT of the picture for the most part. The System does almost ALL the work for you. It will provide the capture website, call your leads, "close" them FOR you, and then train them.

S = Struggle-free

Your Marketing System should eliminate all (or the vast majority of) the things that most people struggle with when trying to build their home based business. Like creating a website, generating traffic, producing high-quality inexpensive leads, sorting leads to find prospects, talking to prospects, "closing" them, and training the new members.

T = Turnkey

That means you can plug into the System and start using it minutes after you've signed on the virtual dotted line. It means you did not have to re-mortgage your house to start using the System (see "affordable" above) and you did not need to read a 95-eBook to figure out how to get started.

E = Every minute of Every day

Donald Trump once said, "You're not really making money until you're making it in your sleep." Your Marketing System should be automated which means it is generating leads and closing prospects without your active participation (see 'You-less'), 24-7, whether you're working the business, or on holidays.

M = Money-Making Machine

Yes, it's great if the System is self-funding, and it's a bonus if it creates a bit of extra marketing money. But let's face it, you're not investing that amount of time and energy to make "a bit of extra money", right? We're all in this because we want to make LOTS of money from home-in an ethical, moral and legal way. So, for your Marketing System to be dynamite, it should be a well-oiled money-making machine that works FOR you around the clock.

There you have it. There are many other attributes a dynamite Marketing System should possess (look for my article entitled "Home Based Business Opportunity: an IDEAL Marketing System WILL Help You Succeed"), but this is a good start.

Here now are my recommendations:

1. Accept the FACT that having a dynamite Marketing System is KEY to exploding your home business

2. If you've not chosen your home business opportunity yet, review the ones you're looking and see if their Marketing System could be labeled "dynamite" (IF they even have one …)

3. If you're currently involved in a work from home business, review your Marketing System and see if it's "dynamite". If it's not, consider switching business. Seriously!

4. If you want to study a truly dynamite Marketing System, check out the link in the resource box below. Now, don't get me wrong here: I'm NOT asking you to check out my business and join me. I'm suggesting that you click the link and go see for yourself a perfect example of what a self-funding, you-less, struggle-free, turnkey, automated, money-making Marketing System looks like. You can't evaluate how good or bad other systems are unless you have something else to compare it to. So go take a look.

Whatever you chose to do with the invaluable information you've just read, I wish you a whole lot of HOME BUSINESS SUCCESS!

Home Based Business Opportunity – The Key To (Finally) Succeeding With A Capital S

Home Based Business Opportunity - The Key To (Finally) Succeeding With A Capital S