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It is always interesting to me how many people begin looking for discounts in newspapers, on coupon printing sites, and on sites that promise one huge discount each day. Let’s face it, buying a Sunday paper to clip coupons all Sunday, doing internet searches for items you are purchasing, and waiting for the one day a huge coupon is available from your favorite retailer is not on the top of most people’s to do list. Despite this, most people overlook the most obvious, least time consuming, and usually, most beneficial method of finding discounts. To save money, discount seekers should begin searching in their wallet and pocketbooks.

Everyone has discounts in their possession, yet, these discounts are among the least used. By not even considering these discounts, thousands of dollars go unused every year. Even worst, the unused discounts are often more valuable than the ones discount seekers use. They are more valuable because retailers and manufactures save their best discounts for their most loyal customers and for organizations that patronize their business the most. If you are one of these loyal customers or belong to a group that is loyal to a retailer, then you are eligible for these discounts.

Here are 3 sets of items in your wallet that can save you money:

  1. Membership Cards – Are you a member of any organization? If you are, you most likely have exclusive discounts through them to some of America’s largest retailers. Whether it is your credit cards, a warehouse club (ex. Sam’s Club, Costco, BJ’s), a professional organization, or an Alumni Association, they all have discounts that are not well advertised but are available. These discounts are totally separate from the primary services that the membership clubs offer and they are available to anyone that is a part of these groups. Check your membership information for your discounts or ask the retailer.
  2. ID Cards – Your ID cards are your ticket to a number of discounts for individuals that fit into one demographic or another. Whether you are a student, senior, military personnel, retired veteran, first responder, teacher, employee of a certain company, resident of a particular state, or child, there are discounts for you. All you have to do is present your ID to get them. So always have your IDs with you.
  3. Receipts – Inspect your receipt for discount information. Many retailers have seen the advantages of creating loyalty clubs, newsletters, Twitter accounts, Facebook accounts, sending discount text alerts, and conducting customer surveys. Search your receipt for information about these programs. Sometimes you may have to go through the company’s website to get to this information. If that is the case, the company’s website information will be listed on the receipt. To reward you for your loyalty, retailers and manufactures will give you larger discounts than the ones open to the general public. When you find this information on the receipts of your favorite establishment, join their loyalty programs, request their newsletters, follow them on Twitter, become a Facebook Fan, and register for instant discount text alerts because the savings from them are HUGE. Why? Because they know you are loyal, and they want to keep you.

These are just a 3 ways to find savings in your wallet. They can get you half price at sporting events or discounts on travel, clothing, and restaurants, or even FREE food at restaurants. The key is to have your cards and IDs with you and do not be afraid to ask your favorite retailer if have a discount that fits within the first two categories. After paying for your item, take time to inspect the receipt for more savings. By taking these simple steps you can avoid having to cut coupons, taking time to search the internet for savings, and you will not have to wait for that one big coupon from your favorite retailer. And furthermore, if you are a super saver, many times you may be able to combine these savings with the coupons from the Sunday paper, from online coupon sites, coupon codes, and coupons and sales from your favorite retailer.

Finding Discounts in Your Own Wallet

Finding Discounts in Your Own Wallet