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One of the more intriguing segments of the hospitality business sector is extended stay hotel suites. The need for long term accommodations dates back to the boarding rooms of an earlier era. Outfitted with all the comforts of home including kitchens and fully furnished with amenities like work out centers, maid service, microwave ovens, and flat screen televisions, it is no wonder why they have become so popular. They are often conveniently located near shopping, dining, and entertainment areas making it easy for the occupants to find the necessities of life nearby.

As the economy continues its recovery, displaced workers who locate employment opportunities away from home are finding extended stays an economical alternative to apartments. Depending on the distance involved, and the cost of operating your vehicle, it may even be less expensive than commuting. Long commutes at the end of a hard day at work can also take their toll. Extended stays can be booked for a variety of durations; a week, a month, or even a year. Many are affiliated with hotel chains and are subject to rewards programs and discounts through traditional channels including travel clubs, credit card rewards programs, retirement organizations, and warehouse clubs to name a few. Apartments or condominiums can often require year long leases. Those that do not require leases can add a significant premium on top of the normal rent for month to month renters. Additional costs often include first and last month's rent and security deposits. The average person may have to front several thousand dollars making a difficult situation even worse.

Companies also play a large role in the popularity of extended stay hotel suites. Oftentimes a company may need to shift some of their resources to distant locations from the normal base of operations. Remote projects can be very complex and take a great deal of time to complete. The solution is the extended stay hotel. The reverse can also be true. In the case of a permanent transfer, accommodations can be made for the transferee and their family to resettle temporarily, but without delay, to the area where the company or one of its satellite offices is based. This allows the employee time to acclimate to the new surroundings and search for a new home or other accommodations. In many cases the company will pay for the stay for a predetermined amount of time while the employee is making other living arrangements. This adds to the employee's peace of mind and makes them more immediately productive during the transition.

Extended stay hotel suites are also used by homeowners during extensive home renovation projects. Instead of putting up with the mess and inconvenience of a home remodel, homeowners can break away from the chaos and enjoy the process. No more sealing off the kitchen doorways with sheets of plastic to keep the dust off your food. You won't have to get up early to let workers into your home when they show up at the crack of dawn. No more taking the laundry to the coin operated laundry because your water is turned off. And if its winter it can get mighty cold if a sheet of plywood is the only thing between you and the great outdoors.

Because these hotels have locations in many of the most popular tourist locations vacationers have also discovered the advantages of staying in extended stay hotel suites. You get the best of both worlds, all the amenities of a hotel with the space and convenience of an apartment or condominium for an affordable price. Check one out next time you're planning a vacation.

Extended Stay Hotel Suites Are a Good Choice When You Need a Place to Stay

Extended Stay Hotel Suites Are a Good Choice When You Need a Place to Stay