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The different types of Citicards issued by the Citibank perfectly complement the needs and demands of the college students. One among them is the Citi MTv Platinum Select Visa Card that is very beneficial for the college students who are very much interested in pursuing a great academic career.

The Basic Features Of The Card

Only those college students can avail the use of the Citi MTv Platinum Select Visa Card for College Students who have a pretty clean credit record – have paid the credit card balance in time or have kept the balance amount very low. The card also rewards those students for high GPAs. The card has all the attributes that can usher you towards a bright future. Since the card has very low annual percentage rate, therefore you can work towards a good credit rating.

The Key Features

The card has a 0% introductory annual percentage rate applicable for the first nine months. But once the introductory APR period expires, the rate changes to 17.99 percent. The cardholders do not have to pay any annual fee on balance transfers.

With this card, you will have enough scope to save money; transfer the balance on another high interest rate credit card to this card within the first six months, and the 0 percent interest rate on cash balance and / or on balance transfers will help you save some precious dollars.

The Card Advantages

The most significant and unique advantages of this card are as follows:

The Card enables you to earn 5 points for each dollar you spend in the restaurant, record stores, bookstores, movie theaters or anywhere else. In this way you can earn up to 2000 thank you points twice each year and with these points you can buy gift cards, merchandise and many thing else.

You can check your account online or even reimburse the bills. There is the possibility of checking the number of points that you have accumulated.

· You can both earn and trade points for the special events of the MTV channel or other entertainment activities.

Annually you can earn unto 75000 points and the reward expiration period is 5 years.

The Card also enables you to save up to 10 percent at the You can make the purchases interest free and earn points as part of the reward program.

If you make purchases from the online store or the MTV Net York city store, then you can enjoy discount on purchases.

The Cardholders can also benefit from auto rental services, travel accident insurance and many more.

The other benefits of the card include Internet services like the emergency cash replacement, emergency card replacement, fraud and security protection services, auto rental insurance, $ 1000000 in travel insurance and other similar benefits.

Everything About Citi MTv Platinum Select Visa Card For College Students

Everything About Citi MTv Platinum Select Visa Card For College Students